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Opinion: Barcelona could waste Lionel Messi’s last years

Most would be shocked by Messi's transfer value decreasing
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It’s time to talk about a very uncomfortable subject, we believe FC Barcelona might waste Lionel Messi’s final years as a professional player.

Lionel Messi has already won several accolades during his long career at FC Barcelona, but the club might waste his last years in top form.

We are here to tell you why we believe that the Argentine player might not be able to win another Champions League before he retires.

Barcelona has been showing several signs of the club from the old days when they were still considered mediocre.

These errors go all the way up to the presidency, where Josep Maria Bartomeu has been making several decisions that directly affect Messi’s wishes to win more major trophies.

The fans are growing tired of the Catalan club dominating the domestic competitions but getting constantly eliminated in Europe by many different opponents.

Perhaps the most painful elimination came last season against AS Roma, a surprising result that affected Messi and his teammates on a psychological level.

These bad results and PTSD transformed into a pattern this season, as the Catalan club got eliminated in the semifinals and relived the nightmare all over again.

These results are closely related to the players not having the level of performance to overcome such obstacles, which also translates into poor planning from the president.

Where everything started going wrong.

The most important moment in which FC Barcelona started doing things wrong was when the Catalan club began to let key players leave.

The first mistake from Bartomeu was during the 2014-15 season, he decided to let Xavi Hernandez leave the club instead of giving him a proper retirement.

The Catalan player is one of the club’s biggest symbols and he deserved to retire at Barcelona.

In fact, Xavi’s teachings to the younger generations were key in order to find players who could eventually replace what he did on the pitch.

Bartomeu refused to give Hernandez what he wanted and the club hasn’t won a single Champions League trophy ever since.

The next few years gave us more terrible decisions from the president, something that has been affecting Messi directly.

Neymar quickly saw what massive mistakes were being made by the chairman, which is why he decided to leave the Catalan club.

The shocking transfer to PSG back in 2017 was followed by another unwanted retirement.

Bartomeu refused to give Andres Iniesta the ideal sendoff, the Spanish player left to play in Japan and the club released yet another one of the players who could’ve helped with the transition.

Lionel Messi has been constantly watching how his best teammates have left the club, the next one could be Luis Suarez.

Josep Maria Bartomeu understands that the Uruguay international is too old to continue playing at the club, which is why he is already trying to find a proper replacement for him.

Lionel Messi won’t be able to do anything to stop this, he can only stand there and watch how the club keeps messing up his dream retirement.

If this pattern remains, we can’t blame Lionel Messi for eventually making the decision to leave the Catalan club.

If this happens and the Argentine leaves, the only culprit of this will be Josep Maria Bartomeu.

The dream that all the Cule fans have of watching Messi live his full career at Barcelona just like Totti did at AS Roma, is currently being threatened by an inept chairman.

The club’s supporters and partners need to realize that Messi can’t spend one more season without winning any trophies.

Somebody needs to act before it’s too late and the captain decides to leave the club while he is still playing at the top of his game.

Do you think Messi will retire at Barcelona or will he leave the club soon? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.