Opinion: Barcelona is light years from Real Madrid’s level

We keep hearing the same kind of banter that comes from the city of Barcelona, but they are still light years away from Real Madrid’s level.

This opinion piece is coming from a Barcelona fan who has suffered and studied Real Madrid since I was a child, there is no comparison between both clubs.

The only reason I started following FC Barcelona is because of one man, he is the one to blame for my eternal pain.

His name is Romario de Souza, that Brazilian striker who marveled the world during the mid-’90s for a few years.

I was born in 1986 right in the middle of the World Cup during a June afternoon. Morocco had just finished losing against West Germany as I was taking my first breath into this world.

One could even say that I was meant to love football, but I still have mixed feelings about falling in love with Barcelona back in 1994.

I was already 8 years old when I started liking football, television was very limited back then and following Romario’s career proved a gargantuan task for a kid like me.

I limited myself to the newspapers who wrote about Johan Cruyff’s FC Barcelona and their most recent signing, the spectacular Romario.

You see, I was a couple of years too late from the first great era that the Catalan club gave to the world.

I was about to start one of the biggest love/hate relationships of my life, but I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. I regret nothing.

Brazilians saved my life from Barcelona’s constant heartbreaks.

The only reason I decided to follow Barcelona was because of Romario, there was something about Brazilian football that quickly hypnotized me.

It didn’t take me long to notice Ronaldo Nazario, the second great Brazilian who ever wore the Barcelona shirt.

This is where the world lost me to FC Barcelona, Ronaldo only needed one season to make me lose my mind.

While I kept my love for Barcelona after he left, I still followed the striker to Italian football and rabidly bought any magazine that I could find with information about his exploits.

Then we got the blessing of Rivaldo that lasted for a few years, watching Barcelona became my weekly fix.

The Catalan club never really won any major trophies during this period, they won some domestic titles but the continental trophies were reserved for other clubs.

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This is when I knew that Real Madrid existed and this is where I got to know how envy felt like from a close distance.

Los Blancos always had that winning gene that I always felt Barcelona lacked, one that the Blaugrana came to know when Ronaldinho came along during the new millennium.

Barcelona’s golden era is coming to an end.

As soon as Ronaldinho came along, I was suddenly living in a world where Barcelona was no longer the underdog.

The last great Brazilian who played for the Blaugrana spoiled the fans a little too much with his flicks and tricks.

Then Messi, Xavi, and Iniesta came along to make us believe we were invincible.

The only invincible clubs in my eyes is Real Madrid, there is no other club that even comes close to Los Blancos.

Messi’s retirement means that us Barcelona fans will finally go back to reality, I truly missed those days because at least they are honest.

Don’t get me wrong, the happiest days of my life as a Barcelona fan came during the last 15 years of my life but I always knew they were bound to end.

The only eternal club on this planet is Real Madrid, they are the only unstoppable force that remains in European football and I profoundly hate them for that.

It is what it is, Barcelona is light years away from reaching Real Madrid’s standards.

The people who think it was possible to reach them are mental, that won’t be possible during my lifetime, even if Leo Messi reincarnated plays for Barcelona again.

Why do you think Real Madrid has dominated the world of football for so many decades? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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