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Opinion: Barcelona should look for Valverde’s replacement

ernesto valverde, Barcelona
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After yet another undesired result in the UEFA Champions League, we believe FC Barcelona should look for Valverde’s replacement. 

Contrary to previous years since he arrived in 2017, the red flags for Ernesto Valverde are already appearing this early for FC Barcelona.

There have been a few results that leave the manager questioned about his role inside the squad, he wasn’t able to get a victory against Slavia Prague on Tuesday.

For the starting eleven, Ernesto Valverde proved that he doesn’t really have too many options to choose from.

With an injured Luis Suarez looking from the stands, the manager used a trident formed by Lionel Messi, Ousmane Dembele, and Antoine Griezmann.

From the very first minute of the match against Slavia Prague, there was already a feeling that the manager wasn’t comfortable with his tactics.

The most recent result in La Liga was a huge blow for everybody’s confidence, the squad really needed a victory after that Levante fiasco.

But Valverde looks like he isn’t even enjoying his job anymore, and the fans are making sure he is aware of it.

Not even Lionel Messi at his best can prevent what’s coming, this FC Barcelona is dead on its tracks and the board needs to start looking for a replacement.

We know that the Catalan club has great players in the roster, but the motivation isn’t there. 

Where did it all go wrong? 

It’s hard to pinpoint a specific moment where things started going wrong for Barcelona and Ernesto Valverde, but the AS Roma elimination is a good guess.

The first time that all the Barcelona players appeared unable to react came during that match, when the Italian club made a historic comeback in Rome’s Olympic Stadium.

During that evening, we could feel the Barcelona players’ frustration and their inability to respond.

This was the first season in which the fans realized that Lionel Messi wasn’t enough anymore, but the responsibility is mostly Valverde’s.

A great football manager needs to have the ideal motivational skills in order to make his players believe they can defeat any club in the world.

As a proper example of this, we have Jurgen Klopp and his impressive success with Liverpool FC.

Valverde was never regarded as a manager who can instill that fighting spirit on his players, he was never supposed to succeed big in the first place.

Although he was aware that his biggest challenge was to win the UEFA Champions League, he never had the experience to accomplish such a daunting feat.

The man is already on his third consecutive season, it’s about time the board realized that he is not the answer. 

The most telling moment that gave us this idea was during last season’s UEFA Champions League semifinals, when Liverpool eliminated Barcelona at Anfield.

Valverde was spotted unable to react during the Reds’ historic 4-0 turn around, and he transmitted his frustration to all the players.

That ghost of ineptitude was bound to return this season if the manager didn’t modify some of his systems, but nobody expected it to return this early in the season.

It’s still time to correct this wrong for the Catalan club, they can still save the season if they sack Valverde.

If they don’t make a decision as soon as possible, even the players will start turning on the manager and it will be too late.

We will talk about the options to replace the coach soon, but we know that our readers have a good idea of the ideal replacement.

Another topic is to tell you who the better option for the squad truly is, the players need someone who can help them reach their objectives this season.

Ernesto Valverde should take a sabbatical and regroup for at least a year, he had a good run at Barcelona but far from what everybody expected from him.

If you ask me, I never thought he had what it takes to make Barcelona win the biggest title in the first place. 

Who is Barcelona’s first option to replace Ernesto Valverde? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.