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Opinion: Barcelona’s renovation should be from the top

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We will give you the reasons FC Barcelona’s renovation should come from the very top. La Liga season is over for the Catalan club. 

I think it’s safe to say that after tonight’s draw against Atletico Madrid, FC Barcelona’s renovation should start from the very top.

We aren’t saying that only the board of directors should leave. But that’s the first job openings the fans need to see in order to feel that change is coming.

President Bartomeu has been saving his own ass by winning La Liga titles for too long, the players finally caught wind of his tactic and they know how to proceed.

Anybody who thinks the squad’s biggest problem is with the manager or the players doesn’t know this club. I’m not saying all players or the manager need to stay.

I only point out that the board’s decisions are what affected this team the most over the last five years. Let’s talk about the people who need to leave and who can possibly replace them starting from the very top. 

By bye Bartomeu. 

Just as I’ve been saying for a couple of years. This Barcelona president is the latest from a long line of power-hungry people who don’t have the club’s best interest at heart.

Too many years in power is never healthy for any walk of life. Much like it happens in politics, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Josep Maria Bartomeu has been wielding it for years and doing whatever he wants with his lack of decision-making skills.

Due to the poor presidential history within the club, we can’t really tell you who can replace the man but he absolutely needs to resign. Also, this is the least likely scenario simply because he still has the power.

Only Lionel Messi can demand Bartomeu to step down, hopefully he will do it by the end of the season. 

Hello Xavi!

The images of Lionel Messi completely ignoring the technical staff during the previous match between Celta and Barcelona are very telling. It’s not that Quique Setién is a terrible manager, he simply hasn’t earned Leo’s respect.

It’s sad to accept but Barcelona needs to follow Real Madrid’s example and hire a legendary former player who is also a great manager. There are very few coaches in the world who can earn Messi’s respect, but not impossible to find.

Xavi Hernandez seems like the most obvious choice. Although he is still a wild-card because we don’t know how well he might do it. Xavi poses the best chance that Barcelona has to keep Messi at the club. It’s time to give him the chance he’s been begging over the last year. 

A veteran dressing room.  

Last but not least, this Barcelona squad needs a number of key modifications in different positions. Looking at some of the club’s biggest stars, there are plenty who are past 30 and well into their veteran years.

Although Messi might keep playing at the highest level for a few more years, there are some who simply aren’t cutting it anymore. The likes of Gerard Pique, Sergi Busquets, or Luis Suarez need to rethink their future as professionals.

FC Barcelona is one of the most successful clubs of the last 20 years and they can’t afford to have players in the twilight of their careers. Finding their replacements won’t be easy but it’s not impossible. It’s time for a complete renovation at the Catalan club.