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Opinion: Borussia Dortmund can end Bayern’s dominance

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We are completely convinced that this is the ideal season for Borussia Dortmund to finally end Bayern Munich’s dominance.

The Bundesliga season is about to start and Borussia Dortmund appears as the only alternative to end Bayern Munich’s dominance.

The Black and Yellow squad has been very busy in the summer transfer window, they signed some interesting players to compliment what they already had last year.

The massive heartbreak they had after allowing the Bavarian squad to catch up to them in the second half of last season was disappointing for all of them.

With that new heartbreak in mind, Dortmund’s board of directors decided to get busy in the transfer window and they signed key players in key positions for the new year.

But we can’t forget about the top players they already had at their disposal, we will talk about the specific positions they have and we will analyze specific players who can make the difference.

Bayern Munich is currently under reconstruction, they might not be able to sign all the players they want this summer and getting the squad they require to keep winning might not happen this year.

Borussia Dortmund’s Lucien Favre knows that this is the ideal opportunity they were looking for in order to win a title this year.

The gaffer needs to convince his players they are good enough to get far in all competitions this year, but he’ll need help from specific players.

Marco Reus’ role in this squad.

We’ve written about pretty much all of the Borussia Dortmund players who will be important next season, but we did miss one specific name on purpose.

We wanted to save a specific place for Marco Reus because he deserves to get recognition for everything he’s endured over the years.

Out of all the players from that golden generation that Jurgen Klopp brought up from nothing, Reus has been the only one who remained faithful to Dortmund over the years.

We are not saying that he wouldn’t have left the institution if he hadn’t suffered so many grave injuries throughout his career, we will never know what would’ve happened if he didn’t.

What matters is what did happen, and Reus remains as the most revered player in Borussia Dortmund’s modern history due to his final decision to stay.

It’s not just about being faithful for him, we really are talking about one of the most talented German players of his generation.

Marco only missed the World Cup in 2014 due to the terrible injury he suffered, but he would’ve been a key player in that squad that won the competition in Brazil.

He is the leader of this new squad that is also filled with new faces.

To Reus’ presence, we can add Mario Gotze and Mats Hummels to the mix. A couple of players who were also part of the squad that won two Bundesliga titles under Jurgen Klopp.

These veterans are the backbone of a squad that will be a major problem for Bayern Munich this season, they truly have a shot this year and they would stupid not to take it.

With other talents such as Paco Alcacer, Achraf Hakimi, Thorgan Hazard, and Jadon Sancho, we have one of the most deadly Dortmund squads in recent years.

We believed a version of this team had what it takes to win many titles last season, but their crash truly disappointed us.

This year looks a lot more promising than the last one, especially considering how well many of these players performed individually last year despite the club’s lack of good results in the final months.

Bayern Munich’s fan base must be quite concerned about the idea of facing this Dortmund squad this season, but they must also be thrilled for having at least some competition in a league that usually is quite easy for them.

Will Borussia Dortmund win the Bundesliga this season, or is Bayern Munich taking the title again? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.