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Opinion: Carles Aleña’s similarities with Cesc Fabregas

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With the news of Carles Aleña getting a permanent spot on FC Barcelona’s first squad, we tell you the similarities he has with Cesc Fabregas.

Barcelona product Carles Aleña is not news for the club, this is a player who has been growing within the club’s youth academy and has taken the proper steps to get the chance he got last weekend against Villarreal, he has a style of play that is very reminiscent of a young Cesc Fabregas but that’s not all.

It’s a bit eerie that a young talent like Aleña who barely knows the Chelsea midfielder, has similarities that can even be considered as weird.

Even though he is a leftie and Cesc plays with his right foot, both players share that unique style of passing the ball that gets taught only at Barcelona.

The good old one-two that every midfielder is familiar with at the club, that same style that helped him score his very first goal as a professional for Villarreal in which he combined that one-two with Lionel Messi and seemed as if they had been playing for many years together already.

Even manager Ernesto Valverde praised him this Tuesday in a press conference, he explained why the youngster’s promotion to the big leagues is some of the best news for Barcelona this season.

With his new contract for the club on a permanent basis, Aleña also gets to wear the number ’21’ shirt, one with which he posed for pictures with a wide smile on his face when the news broke.

Aleña is living a very different path compared to Cesc career-wise, the man from Arenys de Mar was a little impatient when he was rising through the Barcelona ranks and decided to try his luck in English football.

We can’t blame Fabregas for making this decision because he was going to succeed anyway, a player that talented would’ve made his debut in any club in the world and Cesc did it in spectacular fashion.

This is where Aleña’s biggest similarity with Fabregas becomes inevitable to mention, both of these players proved that they were too mature for their real age very early in their career.

Carles seems like he has been playing football for decades, Cesc gave us the same feeling when he replaced an injured Patrick Vieira at Arsenal and earned his spot in the squad at a very fast pace.

This doesn’t mean that Aleña will have the same career that Cesc has enjoyed, but it at least gives the youngster a good example.

The Catalan club will play the Copa del Rey against Cultural Leonesa this Wednesday, the manager decided to rest several players from the first squad and he will most likely grant Aleña a leading role in the match.

If he responds well to this new challenge, we can rest easy because Valverde has already hinted that Carles will become more prominent for the club in the current season.

To those who had no idea what kind of player Carles Aleña is, we are talking about an attacking midfielder who has the same type of talent that other great products like Andres Iniesta, Thiago Alcantara, and Cesc Fabregas himself have showcased throughout their careers.

The only difference between him and these players that we just mentioned, is that Aleña is a leftie like Messi.

The Argentine has taken Carles’ arrival very well, like he proved last weekend when he assisted the kid for his first-ever goal as a pro for FC Barcelona.

If injuries stay away from him in the future, Aleña has everything to become one of the biggest talents that Barcelona has seen in a long time.

How well do you think Carles Aleña will do on his first season as a Barcelona player? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.