Opinion: Chelsea doesn’t deserve a manager like Sarri

We need to talk about Maurizio Sarri’s first season at Chelsea and how much the Blues don’t deserve to have a manager of his stature.

Although we have criticized Maurizio Sarri’s approach at Chelsea from the very start at the moment he arrived, the Italian manager silenced all his critics tonight.

Always the atypical Italian manager who thoroughly enjoys offensive football, Maurizio Sarri came to revolutionize England.

The man came with a crazy tactical plan that didn’t seem to work at the beginning of his journey, the locals even dubbed his style immediately as ‘Sarri-ball’.

This adjective didn’t help a manager who came to Chelsea requesting time and patience from the very beginning, a luxury that the Blues have never given their managers.

Roman Abramovich always demands immediate results and he doesn’t understand much about a new manager coming to implement a process.

Football clubs from the old days understood this very well, but the modern era has transformed them into institutions that live better by searching ephemeral success.

Chelsea is the most faithful representation of these new clubs from the modern era that don’t understand the tradition.

Sarri agreed to come to the Blues thinking that he would be left alone to work and implement his philosophy, but he quickly grew tired of so much pressure.

Sarri’s mistakes that tested Abramovich’s patience.

Even though this was his first year at the club and he needed some time to implement his new system, Maurizio Sarri never had patience from Abramovich.

The owner rarely spoke to the Italian manager during his time at the club and this was pivotal to the possible decision that Sarri has taken to leave the club.

The first mistake that even we noted from Sarri upon arrival was very simple, the coach decided to use N’Golo Kante in a position that wasn’t his own.

The French defensive midfielder became the best player in the world on that position during the last couple of years.

People expected Sarri to use Kante to the full extent of his abilities but the manager had other plans, he decided to use Jorginho in that position.

Maurizio’s initial idea was to create a more offensive possession-based squad with Jorginho right in the middle, this relegated N’Golo to a role that he didn’t know.

Sarri used Kante as a right-winger, a place that the French midfielder had never played before but still agreed to perform.

The bad results didn’t take long to come for Chelsea, the criticism against the manager’s decision also came pretty fast for the Italian.

Pressure from the fans and the media didn’t help the situation, things escalated to a point of no return.

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Sarri quickly grew tired of so much pressure, and he started to look for a new destination.

Sarri’s underrated first year at Chelsea.

Turns out that ‘Sarri-ball’ actually is a viable system and a successful one for that matter.

Maurizio only needed a little bit of time in order to implement it properly in a star-studded squad that had Eden Hazard as the biggest player.

The Blues reached the Carabao Cup final against Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City but they lost in a penalty shootout.

This first defeat was the beginning of a very positive run from Chelsea during the final months of the season.

The Blues kept feeling more comfortable in their own skin with Sarri’s system, they even finished the season above Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League’s third position.

But the best reward came at the very end, Maurizio Sarri managed to turn Chelsea into a title-winning club once again at a very expensive cost.

This Italian banker turned football manager won the first major trophy of his 28-year career, but he probably won’t continue at the club.

Chelsea doesn’t deserve a manager like Sarri, they have constantly shown that they can’t keep the very best inside the squad.

Maurizio will probably manage Juventus next season and leave the Blues to suffer after this successful first year.

It’s not only Chelsea who lose by letting Sarri leave, but English football also.

Why do you think Chelsea still can’t learn how to appreciate its managers as they should? Please leave your opinion in the comment section down below.


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