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Opinion: ‘Chicharito’ can be the best transfer in MLS history

'Chicharito', MLS
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As he seals the final details of his new contract, we tell you why ‘Chicharito’ can become the best transfer in MLS history. 

It’s been a long week for Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez’s career, he is about to sign a new MLS contract with LA Galaxy.

The Mexican striker was still determined to remain in European football, but he is already considered a veteran.

We know how difficult a footballer’s career in Europe can be past the age of 30, ‘Chicharito’ was struggling to play at Sevilla.

The reason he didn’t play as much as he wanted was strictly related to Julen Lopetegui not liking the player for his particular plans at the club.

‘Chicharito’ has always been one of the most professional players in the world, he always gives 110% in practice.

But Lopetegui wanted to use a different player as a centre-forward.

There weren’t too many options for Javier in European football, he feared that his time in the old continent was coming to an end.

But where a door shuts, another opens wide.

The possibilities in different countries were very exciting for ‘Chicharito’, he is still world-class when it comes to goal-scoring.

We can’t forget that this player performed for the best club in England, the best club in Spain, and he is about to play for the best club in MLS history. 

‘Chicharito’ will come to replace Zlatan Ibrahimovic. 

LA Galaxy was one of the many options that ‘Chicharito’ had to continue his career, the other one was Chivas.

But the chance to play for the club where he made his professional debut is still far in his future.

By the time Hernandez makes the decision to return to Chivas, he will do it as a retirement plan.

‘Chicha’ doesn’t plan on retiring anytime soon, his idea is to make MLS history and become Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s replacement.

The MLS made another brilliant move by convincing ‘Chicharito Hernandez to play in their league.

His arrival to the US is a complete slam dunk from any aspect that you want to consider.

This is arguably the most famous Mexican player in the world, he is coming to a city where Mexican people have a predominant presence in society.

Apart from Guadalajara, the highest number of Chivas fans reside in the metropolitan Los Angeles area.

Hernandez is a Chivas academy player, this is a match made in heaven for the LA Galaxy supporters.

Then you have the rivalry with the other Los Angeles club. 

‘El Trafico’ is about to get even more exciting. 

With the prospect of possibly becoming Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s replacement, ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez is also excited about other possibilities.

The chance to play against Carlos Vela and try to break his record is what drove Hernandez to the MLS.

The LAFC star is a good friend of ‘Chicharito’, which makes ‘El Trafico’ derby that much more exciting.

With his goal-scoring capabilities and his relatively young age, Hernandez can easily become one of the greatest strikers who ever played in the MLS.

Anybody who is not excited about what could happen at LA Galaxy, clearly doesn’t appreciate ‘Chicharito’ as the Mexican football legend that he is.

Nobody can take away the accomplishments that this player has in European football.

Apart from what Hugo Sanchez and Rafael Marquez did during their prime.

‘Chicharito’ is the third most successful Mexican player in football history.

LA Galaxy is lucky to have such an incredible player. 

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