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Opinion: Cristiano Ronaldo deserved better at Juventus

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After getting painfully eliminated from the Champions League for the first time in 9 years, Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t deserve this outcome at Juventus.

We are sure that many of our readers aren’t happy with the way in which Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus got eliminated last night.

The Portuguese forward made the very difficult decision to leave Real Madrid because of a fundamental disagreement with president Florentino Perez.

Los Blancos’ chairman is the only one to blame from this fiasco that both Ronaldo and the Spanish giants suffered this season.

Everything would’ve been okay if Perez would’ve agreed to pay the Portuguese forward the contract extension he demanded for his services to the club in recent seasons.

The layout of what Ronaldo was requesting wasn’t that difficult to comprehend.

He believed that he was worthy of earning the same amount of money than Lionel Messi and Florentino didn’t share this view at all.

The Spanish press is oddly talking about both Ronaldo and Real Madrid’s failure in European football this season but nobody is pointing at the true culprit.

It’s almost as if Florentino Perez had every single Madrid news outlet on his payroll because nobody even dares to criticize him for anything.

Credit where credit is due for Florentino

Perhaps we are overthinking this massive failure from Florentino Perez and he just has a bit of credit for winning the last three Champions Leagues.

This doesn’t take anything away from the fact that he messed up in spectacular fashion by letting Cristiano Ronaldo leave the club.

WhoScored reveals that the Portuguese forward scored all of Juventus’ five goals in this Champions League’s knock-out stages (5).

The Italian giants wouldn’t have made it this far if it wasn’t for his contribution to the cause but he can only do so much.

This is where being a Real Madrid player earns major importance.

It’s clear that Cristiano Ronaldo would’ve possibly made it even further in the competition if he was still with Los Blancos.

However, the club itself also needs to realize that they became great in modern football again due to this incredible player.

Cristiano is one of the greatest gifts that this beautiful sport has given us in the last thirty years at least.

Florentino Perez is the one who failed to see how important it was for the club to keep Cristiano Ronaldo.

Now that things are this dire for the Spanish giants, they are really struggling to find his replacement without realizing they will never find one like him again.

Cristiano didn’t deserve this outcome at Juventus.

What’s next for Cristiano Ronaldo?

After the very first elimination in 9 years for Ronaldo, the Portuguese forward still has some pending issues for this season.

First of all, he is set to win the Serie A this season and finish it on a high note.

Cristiano will become one of the few players in history to win the league tournament in the three major European domestic competitions.

We highly doubt that Cristiano will win the top-scorer award this season but he will certainly try to score more goals than the other strikers in the tournament.

Ronaldo will have another six matches to reach Fabio Cuagliarella’s 22 goals in Serie A but three goals are nothing for the Portuguese player.

Getting to win the Cappocanoniere in Italian football would mean that Ronaldo can become the first player in history to win this award in the three major tournaments in European football.

These are the most immediate targets that Ronaldo has but he won’t give up and we will see him compete next season for Juventus.

The Vecchia Signora will have to take care of signing the ideal players who can accompany the Portuguese forward for next season’s Champions League.

The Italian giants and Ronaldo are not giving up on their dream that easily, this is only getting started.

How long will it take Cristiano Ronaldo to win the sixth Champions League of his career? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.