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Opinion: Cristiano Ronaldo had a far better 2020 than Messi

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Regardless of your opinion about Messi’s 2020, we will tell you why Cristiano Ronaldo’s year was far better than the Argentine’s through facts. 

Even though both of them had pretty decent years, we are convinced that Cristiano Ronaldo had a far better 2020 than Leo Messi. We will give you details and facts to why we are making this statement that could be controversial for some. Let’s start with the most obvious aspect of their year: their relationship with their club. Cristiano Ronaldo won his second Serie A title with Juventus and had an overall good domestic year.

He came to Italy to change the landscape and that’s exactly what he has done since he arrived in 2018. Messi’s year at FC Barcelona has been one of the worst out of his 16 years as a professional. Not only did he get painfully eliminated from all competitions but he also attempted to leave with no success. This pretty much sums up why Ronaldo’s year at a club level was better than Messi’s. 

Ronaldo and Messi’s accolades. 

On a personal level, Lionel Messi picked up the seventh Pichichi trophy of his career and set an all-time record. He also reached Pele’s goal record with a single club but it’s being disputed by Santos FC. Cristiano won the Serie A Player of the Year Award after his year with Juventus and got awarded the questionable Player of the Century Award from Globe Soccer. However, the most important personal accolade for both players is their inclusion in the Ballon d’Or all-time Dream Team.

In numbers, Ronaldo scored 44 goals against Messi’s 27 in all competitions. Finally, we have their direct confrontation in the Champions League. Ronaldo missed the first match due to Covid but he obliterated Messi in the return leg. It’s pretty obvious that after all these facts, Cristiano had a far better 2020 than Leo did. But we’ll let you decide who was better between the two of them. Leave your opinion in the comment section.