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Opinion: Cristiano Ronaldo should play every match for Man United

Cristiano Ronaldo - Man United vs Villarreal
Credit: Official Man United Twitter

We need to talk about the way Cristiano Ronaldo is underappreciated by Solskjaer and why he should play every match for Man United. 

When Cristiano Ronaldo decided to arrive at Man United, he fully expected to play every single match despite pushing 37 years old. In any other circumstance, one can completely understand the need to rest a veteran whose better years are behind him. But Ronaldo is a different type of animal, we all know this to be true. Regardless of the general perception, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer still thinks Cristiano will be in a better place physically by the end of the season if he rests a little bit right now. The problem is that Ronaldo doesn’t agree with his decisions at all, he wants to play everything for the Red Devils.

As long as he keeps showing signs of great football, the best plan for him to continue with this trend is to allow him to remain on the pitch. We know it’s far more difficult to take Cristiano off the pitch during the middle of a game, he gets angrier when the manager does that. However, the latest results for Manchester United haven’t been up to what he expects from the squad. The only reason he agreed to return to the club is because of the massive project they put together. Not trusting Cristiano Ronaldo to play every match is detrimental to his confidence and his relationship with the manager. 

Will Cristiano start playing more often?

The major clue in regards to this question is directly related to a video we saw yesterday from Sir Alex Ferguson. He was talking to UFC legend, Khabib Nurmagomedov. The retired champion spoke with Sir Alex for a few minutes. We can clearly hear him saying that Ole should always play the best players on his roster. If he was still coaching the club, he wouldn’t make the same mistakes Solskjaer is making right now. Ronaldo is already starting to show the cracks in his relationship with the Norwegian coach.

If he doesn’t play him from the start over an extended period of time, he might even get himself sacked as the manager. The last thing Ronaldo wants is to get someone kicked out of the club but that will definitely happen if the situation doesn’t improve. So, we need to help Ole realize he can’t get these rushes of poor decision-making so early in the season. Ronaldo will eventually get tired but he is the one who will ask for some rest. Solskjaer should learn to read his stars far better than he’s done it so far.

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