Opinion: Cristiano Ronaldo will return stronger next season

Despite not having the perfect season at Juventus, we will tell you why we believe that we could see a stronger Cristiano Ronaldo next year.

It’s no secret that Cristiano Ronaldo’s season hasn’t been what he initially expected, the Portuguese forward made one of the hardest choices of his career.

Moving on from a virtually perfect environment such as Real Madrid was incredibly challenging, he had to adjust to a new life in a new country with his family.

We even bet that Cristiano Ronaldo would’ve probably remained competitive in all the competitions if he stayed at Real Madrid.

But the comfort zone has never been something that Ronaldo enjoys, we are talking about one of the most competitive animals in human history.

The type of athlete that Cristiano Ronaldo is can only be compared to other titans from different sports throughout history.

Apart from Messi, CR7 can’t be compared with anybody else in football.

If you want to find a decent sports figure who can compete with this monster, you would have to go to Lebron James or Michael Jordan in Basketball, Wayne Gretzky in Ice Hockey, Michael Phelps in swimming, Tiger Woods in golf, Usain Bolt on track & field, or Roger Federer in tennis.

You get what we are saying, this is a man who will never give up until the day he retires.

The new season at Juventus for Cristiano Ronaldo.

These comparisons are what definitely pushed us to think deeply about what we can already expect from Ronaldo next season.

The man already spoke to the club’s board of directors about the new transfers that should come to help him remain competitive.

He is even working as a consultant to the club because every single prospect goes through him for an evaluation first.

This is the type of privilege that you get when you are either Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, you get to pick the teammates you are getting in the squad.

There are a number of priorities that Juventus has for next season and many great players will come to play for the squad.

But at the end of the day, none of these plans will work without him helming the whole project.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the crown jewel of any institution he represents, he knows that he needs to keep bringing his A-game next season and he is already preparing for what’s coming.

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This has been a challenging year for him, this could be the first season in the last 10 years that Cristiano could finish the year with a goal-count below 30 screams.

The last time this happened, Ronaldo was still playing for Manchester United.

His role in Portugal will resume during the summer.

One thing that will help Cristiano Ronaldo build his confidence again is his role with Portugal, the captain will return to help his country in June.

The UEFA Nations League’s semifinals have his nation as the hosts of the competition’s final stages.

Ronaldo is set to fave Switzerland in one of the two semifinals in the tournament, whereas England is set to face the Netherlands in the other one.

This will be the first big chance to keep winning important titles for Cristiano Ronaldo on the international stage.

It will also be a great motivation for him to return to Italy with his batteries fully charged.

Juventus can only benefit from Cristiano Ronaldo coming back from his time with the national team with positive results.

The man is not getting any younger and these next few years will be key for him to find the proper balance that will keep him engaged in the main objective.

Cristiano wants to win another Champions League and reach Francisco Gento’s six trophies in football history.

That is all that matter for Ronaldo at club level, this will be the legacy he leaves to this beautiful sport.

How many trophies do you think Cristiano Ronaldo will win at Juventus next season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


  1. Comment:CR7P winning the champions league and seria A title next season.CR7 a player who fight for his integrity and his nation,club


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