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Opinion: Dani Alves can make it to the 2022 World Cup

Brazil v Peru: Final - Copa America Brazil 2019
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Even though he will be 39 years old by 2022, we are convinced that Dani Alves can earn his spot in the World Cup that will happen in Qatar.

We already know how impressive Dani Alves’ career has been so far, we believe that this seasoned veteran can make it all the way to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

This is a man who always took the best care of his body, his endurance can be compared to other great full-backs in football history such as Roberto Carlos, Cafu, Ashley Cole, or Paolo Maldini.

Alves just came from winning the 2019 Copa America’s Golden Ball playing his position, but he proved that he can be way more versatile than that.

During a tournament in which his friend Neymar was completely absent, veteran Dani Alves completely owned the competition and he even bragged about the Old School refusing to die when he was talking to the press.

It was also clear that his intention was to keep playing European football, but none of the major clubs wants to take a risk for a player as old as he is.

This hasn’t stopped Alves from still searching for a new club, he decided to make his return to his country and Sao Paulo was the club that accepted to sign him.

In a bold move from the Brazilian squad, they decided to hand him the number ’10’ jersey and made an impressive presentation on Tuesday.

With a packed stadium, Dani Alves was accompanied by Ricardo Kaka and Diego Lugano.

The Brazil international sent a stern warning to all the other right-backs who are looking for a spot in the national team’s World Cup squad.

Contrary to what a lot of people may think, Alves denied he came back to Brazil on vacation.

This man is hell-bent on becoming the most successful veteran player in football history, one of the only trophies he still hasn’t won is the FIFA World Cup.

“I came here to Sao Paulo to work. I didn’t come to finish my career,” Alves told a news conference via Goal.

“I still have a lot of goals ahead, and one of them is to make history with Sao Paulo.”

“I need project solidity. I need stability sportingly speaking because I have my goals ahead,” he added.

“I need to build this story knowing all the difficulties it entails – back to Brazil, everything that involves my name, everything that people are expecting from me.”

“But the dreams I have are greater than any difficulty that may exist along the way. I stress again that my goal is trying to play the World Cup 2022.”

“And that means being in a club that gives me that possibility, that bet for me, that believes in my professionalism and my history in football.”

“It has always been a story built with much sacrifice and effort, but with much surrender and much result.”

Alves also eyes the Copa Libertadores.

Another one of the trophies he still hasn’t won and will be going after, is the Copa Libertadores.

Dani Alves comes to a Sao Paulo squad that is filled with incredible talents and becomes an instant title contender for every competition.

Alongside Dani Alves came Spaniard Juanfran, who is a bonified Atletico Madrid legend and becomes one of the few Europeans to try their luck in South American football.

These players will share a locker room with Alexandre Pato, who is already 29 years old and still has enough talent to help Sao Paulo win some important trophies.

But there is no question that the star of this team will be Dani Alves, who may even play a different position for this squad.

The former Barcelona player has the necessary talent to do a great job as a playmaker, and move away from the full-back position that he played throughout his whole career.

Sao Paulo is currently in the Brazilian Serie A’s fifth place, but Alves’ arrival will give them a huge boost for the most important part fo the season.

Will Dani Alves make it to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.