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Opinion: Dani Alves would be a perfect fit for Liverpool FC

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Let us discuss the reasons why we believe that Dani Alves’ next destination should be Liverpool FC under manager Jurgen Klopp.

Brazilian right-back Dani Alves is one of the Copa America’s best players this summer, he needs a new club and we believe Liverpool is his best option.

The former Barcelona, Juventus, and PSG player already proved that he can win trophies on every single team he’s ever played.

Alves is even part of the Brazil squad that won the 2007 Copa America title, a trophy he hasn’t won since.

The level of skill that Alves showed during this year’s competition has been at the very top of the game, he could very well become the tournament’s MVP.

It is now clear that after Alves announced that he will not continue playing for PSG, there will be several clubs in Europe that will want him to play for them.

One of these clubs is Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool, the German manager would greatly benefit from having arguably the best right-back in football history.

Yes, there are many schools of thought that believe Alves is already past compatriot Cafu.

The former Brazil captain was the last Brazilian who had the honor of lifting a World Cup trophy, he was also considered the best right-back in football history until Dani Alves came along.

Other than the World Cup and the Copa Libertadores, Dani Alves has pretty much won every single trophy that a player can win.

We are talking about a player who started his career very young and was quickly spotted by Monchi from Sevilla.

The young Brazilian won five different trophies during his time in the Spanish club. Dani’s level of success quickly transformed him into one of the most coveted players in the world.

This is when Pep Guardiola realized that he needed a player like Alves for his new project at FC Barcelona, but he had no idea how well he would work.

In reality, the best years of Alves’ career came at the Catalan club. He shared some pretty incredible moments alongside Lionel Messi, they made a spectacular duo on the right wing and Alves proved he can be an ideal partner for anybody.

This is why Jurgen Klopp should consider signing him for next year’s project, this man can help the Reds reach new heights and Alves can be a mentor to Trent Alexander-Arnold.

There is no way that his wage would be expensive, and Dani still has at least a couple of years at the top of his game. This is almost a no-brainer for the Reds.

Dani would love the new challenge in England.

Knowing how much he enjoys winning titles for his clubs or country, it’s easy to convince Dani Alves that the best option for his career is to play in England next.

This is arguably the most prestigious league tournament at the moment, and winning the Premier League would be a great incentive for Dani.

Only Cristiano Ronaldo has won league titles in the Top 3 European Leagues before, Alves would certainly love to join the Portuguese star in this distinction.

Dani is also quite smart when he chooses his projects, he might’ve missed his mark when he joined PSG because things didn’t work out as he wanted.

However, Alves is aware of how powerful Liverpool has become lately and he feels the Reds will fight for the Premier League title next season.

This almost seems like a perfect match on both sides, all we need is for one to make the first move.

One of Dani’s compatriots is actually requesting him to make this decision, Kleberson spoke to Goal about the possibility.

“I wanted to get Dani Alves to join me in the MLS,” said Kleberson on Goal.

“He’s a phenomenal player with amazing quality. I feel maybe could fit in well at Liverpool and Klopp would like him as a style of player.”

“He’s very technical, fast and has an incredible temperament in the big games. He’s a winner.”

How would Dani Alves do at Liverpool? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.