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Opinion: De Bruyne is the best crosser since Beckham

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We never thought we would see anything remotely like it, but now we can say that De Bruyne is the best crosser since Beckham.

Nobody would argue that David Beckham is arguably the most precise crosser in football history, but Kevin De Bruyne is making points to compete against him.

‘Becks’ was the ultimate bending machine in football, there was absolutely nobody who was as good of a sharpshooter as he was.

We can go through some of his greatest hits on set pieces and pull out some insane goals, but he was also the best at crossing the ball from the famous half-space.

If you haven’t heard this term before, this is the sweet spot where the midfielders who like to cross the ball tend to inhabit during a match.

Beckham was the absolute best at occupying this space, he always found the strikers and set them up with gorgeous assists.

Well, the unthinkable finally happened with the arrival of Kevin De Bruyne and his evolution as a footballer over the years.

This man can really send the cleanest crosses in world football today, he knows that he is the most exquisite assist provider in English football and he is not afraid to flex his skill whenever he can.

This specific skill is one of the main reasons why Pep Guardiola got involved in his transfer even before he arrived at Manchester City.

Now that we’ve seen him develop into the star that he is today, we can see that Pep saw that same skill David Beckham had in Kevin.

Perhaps one of the most telling signs of this was in recent months with Gary Neville’s statement about De Bruyne’s unique skill.

The former Manchester United player must’ve really struggled to acknowledge this, give that he is praising a player from one of United’s most hated rivals.

The Sky Sports commentator analyzed Kevin’s Premier League performance against Tottenham Hotspur this season.

It is clear that Neville knows that the type of game De Bruyne is displaying right now rings a bell when he sees it, we can’t forget Gary is also one of the ‘Fergie Boys’ alongside Becks.

After you read what Neville has to say, we will try to find a proper example of Beckham’s crosses and some of De Bruyne’s in order to compare them. We honestly feel the similarity is uncanny.

“He was unplayable against Tottenham,” Gary Neville told Sky Sports.

“It took me back to playing with the best crosser of the ball I played with, David Beckham.”

“De Bruyne is repeating the level of quality and precision from that inside-right channel that Beckham produced for United and that is not something I thought I would see again in the Premier League for a long time.”

De Bruyne is the key player for Manchester City.

We know that this is hard to believe after looking at Manchester City’s roster, Pep Guardiola truly does have the most complete squad in the world right now.

It was just last season when we saw Raheem Sterling getting recognized as one of the best players in the Premier League.

We can also make cases for Sergio Aguero and his always reliable killer instinct. We will definitely dedicate a whole column to Bernardo Silva’s influence in the squad.

We also believe that Riyad Mahrez will have a fantastic year after getting used to his new club.

However, we believe that Kevin De Bruyne is actually the player that Pep Guardiola regards as the most important in his star-studded team.

This is a player who just like Beckham, could perform both as a winger and a central midfielder with similar results.

During the Ferguson years, Beckham played in those two positions and he always responded with great performances regardless of where he played.

Even if you don’t agree with the comparison, we are convinced that we planted the idea with this article and you will start looking at Kevin with this light.

Do you agree with our claim, is Kevin De Bruyne the true David Beckham heir? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.