It’s been a few years since Atletico Madrid haven’t been the ‘victim’ in Spanish football, manager Diego Simeone can’t keep playing that card.

Manager Diego Simeone has kept a very straight forward philosophy since he arrived in Atletico Madrid all those years ago, he keeps playing the ‘victim’ card.

The Argentine manager arrived in Madrid with the intention of transforming the Colchoneros into one of the most competitive clubs in Spain.

It didn’t take him long to realize that he could actually make them one of the most competitive in the world, but he wanted to keep that perception that his squad wasn’t as powerful as Real Madrid or FC Barcelona.

The Spanish La Liga has been overwhelmingly dominated by those two giants, they also won the vast majority of Champions League trophies over the last decade.

Diego Simeone understood that he couldn’t compete with these two giants when he arrived, the economic gap was too great to ignore back then.

However, things have drastically changed since Diego Simeone arrived in Madrid.

Since he arrived with the Colchoneros, the competitive nature of the club completely changed over the last eight years.

‘Cholo’ helped them win the 2013-14 La Liga title, two Europe League trophies, two UEFA Supercups, one Spanish Supercup, one Copa del Rey, and he also took this squad to two Champions League finals.

This has been more than enough prestige earned to help them become way more profitable than they were when he first arrived.

Atletico Madrid in numbers.

According to Forbes, the Colchoneros have a net worth of €850 million at the moment.

Their annual revenue for 2019 surpassed the €300 million barrier, which represents more than double the revenue they had when the Argentine coach arrived back in 2011.

Back then, Atletico Madrid’s revenue was of only €124 million for the full year.

The magic formula that Simeone applied to his squad is very simple, he managed to transform good players into world-class superstars and tripled their value on the transfer market.

‘Cholo’ quickly learned how to earn more revenue by selling many of his best players to the highest bidders in European football.

For a long time, Simeone always felt like he was part of a football club that sold players and made their profit out of this.

Alvaro Morata, Atletico Madrid, La Liga

Morata blames his former team-mates for lack of confidence at Chelsea

Alvaro Morata is finding his form again as he's scored six times in a row for Atletico, becoming the primary striking option for Simeone.

His discourse was always the same, he always felt that Real Madrid and FC Barcelona were too powerful and competing against them was impossible.

The man just mentioned this same narrative in a recent press conference, he even stated that he doesn’t feel his team is the most competitive he’s ever coached.

But the evidence keeps racking against ‘Cholo’, he truly can’t keep playing the ‘victim’ card anymore because the “cat’s out of the bag”.

This speech of always portraying himself as the weak link of the three most powerful clubs in Spain is no longer valid, it actually went down the window when Atletico Madrid paid €126 million for a teenager.

Diego Simeone needs to embrace his status as one of the most powerful clubs in the world, there is no dishonor in accepting this as a fact.

Even if you still think that Joao Felix is a risky bet for the Colchoneros, you have to appreciate the fact that this club now has the luxury to take such risks.

There is no other way around this, Atletico Madrid is no longer the victim. Simeone is now sitting on the “big boys” table and he has to start behaving as such, they are one of the best clubs in the world.

In recent years, the Colchoneros remained as one of the most competitive but being powerful is a whole new territory for them.

This probably means that playing a defensive style of football may no longer be welcome amongst the fans, they know they have enough firepower to dominate any club in the world.

Diego Simeone has to start thinking a bit differently in his approach as well, staying in the past could even cost him his job at this point.

We believe that this Atletico Madrid side has the potential to not only compete for all the titles this season, but lift most of them as well.

Why do you think Diego Simeone keeps playing the ‘victim’ card for Atletico Madrid? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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