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Opinion: Diego Simeone must return to his old philosophy

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We need to start having a serious conversation about Diego Simeone, he needs to go back to his old football philosophy. 

We are definitely convinced that Diego Simeone let the critics get to his head, he moved away from his old football philosophy and he needs to go back to it.

There is a saying that describes if something isn’t broken, there is no reason to fix it.

Although Atletico Madrid lost two UEFA Champions League finals already, they have never been closer to winning the competitions than in those two times.

We know that the Colchoneros’ fans are fed up with the idea of watching defensive football, but they can’t ask ‘Cholo’ to change his ideals overnight.

Ever since he was a professional player, Diego Simeone was always a man who loved the defensive aspect of the game above everything else.

There is even an anecdote Pep Guardiola talks about when he spoke directly with ‘Cholo’ during his days as Barcelona’s manager.

During that time, the Argentine was barely starting to take his first steps as a professional coach and he wanted to learn from many of his peers.

As he visited the Catalan club’s camp to see Pep’s team go to work, he quickly realized that possession-based football simply wasn’t his thing.

Even Guardiola was slightly surprised by this, but he immediately understood Simeone’s essence as a manager. 

After so many years at Atletico Madrid, the coach has gone a long way from a newbie to one of the best managers in the world.

The way in which he paved his own way to reach the top wasn’t by playing offensive football, his philosophy is very straight forward.

However, pressure has elevated at Atletico Madrid due to how much money they’ve spent over the last five years.

For some reason, the fans and the media believe that spending big money translates into playing offensive football.

But whoever has this idea, clearly doesn’t know how Diego Simeone’s mind works. We have to confess that we never imagined he would drop his ideals due to pressure.

We always thought that ‘Cholo’ would resign on the same day that anybody demanded him to forget about his upbringing as a football professional.

The attempts to play a different style he isn’t familiar with are very evident, it’s clear that he is struggling to make the transition and we wish he wouldn’t try so hard.

Results are clearly not coming his way during this part of the season, and that should be a wake-up call for him to go back to his old ways in order to save his job.

But we think that Simeone has another alternative, there is always the second option for him to not give up on his ideals. 

Serie A football is perfect for ‘Cholo’ Simeone. 

The answers to our questions about Diego Simeone have been right in front of us for a while, it’s clear that his time at Atletico Madrid is coming to an end.

The fans don’t want him going back to defensive football, the club has evolved into something that doesn’t fall in line with his own ideas.

The red flags and the signs are too evident to ignore, ‘Cholo’ has to leave Spanish football for good.

It’s time for the Argentine manager to try a new challenge in his career, and the obvious place where he can do that is Italian football.

As the best place to practice defensive football in history, Serie A is the safe haven that ‘Cholo’ dreams of having in the near future.

At first, we believed he would take an offer from Internazionale Milano after leaving. With Antonio Conte doing well with the Nerazzurri, perhaps another club could be on his immediate future.

The only other Italian club where Simeone played in his prime was SS Lazio, but the Roman club doesn’t have the infrastructure to secure him a competitive squad to fight for all the titles.

This doesn’t leave too many options for ‘Cholo’, but we know that he needs to leave in the near future. He needs to be in a place where he can return to his old philosophy. 

Where is an ideal place for Diego Simeone to continue his football philosophy? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.