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Opinion: Diego Simeone should leave Atletico Madrid

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After yet another heartbreak with Antoine Griezmann, this might be a perfect moment for Diego Simeone to leave Atletico Madrid.

The news of Antoine Griezmann leaving Atletico Madrid left Diego Simeone in a very bad position with the Colchonero fans.

It was just last Saturday that the Argentine manager offered an interview on Fox Sports about Atletico Madrid’s current situation.

The coach talked about several topics but the most expected was obviously about Antoine Griezmann’s future, rumors of his exit were very present last week.

The manager seemed very confident that his player wasn’t going to leave and he doubled down on his full trust in the best player he had.

Cut to this Tuesday inside the Atletico Madrid offices, just to imagine Simeone’s face when Griezmann told him that he wants to leave.

This news is a huge blow for the Argentine manager, one from which he might not be able to recover.

The Colchoneros keep trusting they can become one of the most powerful clubs in the world when they really can’t overcome the stigma of always being mediocre.

Granted, Diego Simeone has transformed the club into a more competitive institution but he’s never moved away from that humble label.

As long as the club understands they can also compete in the transfer market, the players will keep leaving them stranded.

Griezmann is the last in a long line of painful exits.

The French forward really was the most talented player that Atletico Madrid had over the last five years, finding another one like him will be nearly impossible.

The player started feeling dishearted when he realized that his friend Lucas Hernandez was leaving the club to play for Bayern Munich next season.

Antoine’s departure is not really that unexpected when you look at the club’s history of letting their best players leave.

Diego Simeone managed to keep many of his best players in the club for a few years, but this squad needs renovating and Griezmann perceived that as a weakness.

In the past, other great players such as Sergio Aguero, a young Fernando Torres, and even Radamel Falcao left the club looking for better opportunities.

We can say that only Sergio Aguero managed to get what he wanted after leaving the Colchoneros, perhaps Torres did as well when he played at Chelsea.

There is no way of knowing if Griezmann will finally win the trophy that he wants (the Champions League), but he is clearly convinced that he won’t do it at Atletico Madrid.

This has to be a huge setback for Simeone, something that should make him reconsider his own future.

Serie A keeps knocking on his door.

Diego Simeone has already won several important trophies at Atletico Madrid, there is even a sensation that he has reached a plateau with the Colchoneros.

The Argentine manager is aware of this but he still decided to remain at the club because he felt they could still compete for all the trophies.

However, this latest news will make him think about his own situation and perhaps act quickly before it’s too late.

We all know that ‘Cholo’ revealed he will manage Internazionale Milano sometime in the future.

Perhaps this was a sign that he was expecting, maybe this is the ideal moment for him to also make a decision to leave Spanish football.

It has been a great ride for ‘Cholo’ with the Colchoneros but all great things must come to an end sometime.

We know that the club will try to retain him if he decides to leave but nothing could stop him once his mind is set on another target.

Plus, Inter is not the only club that would love to sign Diego Simeone as their new manager.

As soon as the coach announces that he would like to leave the institution, we bet there will be a long line of squads trying to sign him as soon as possible.

What do you think Diego Simeone should do with his future at Atletico Madrid? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.