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Opinion: Diego Simeone will have nightmares of Zidane

Simeone, Zidane
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After another final loss in penalties, we believe Diego Simeone will start having nightmares of Zinedine Zidane on a regular basis. 

Diego Simeone will have a hard time trying to sleep well tonight, he will have nightmares of Zidane.

The French manager proves that he is one of the best managers in the world by winning his tenth consecutive final.

‘Cholo’ Simeone isn’t lucky at all when he is facing a squad that includes the Frenchman.

We will go through the three finals in which these two managers faced each other, and how ‘Zizou’ always came out on top.

Just in case you were wondering, these two managers met in two finals as head coaches of their clubs.

However, they met in another major final when Zidane worked as Real Madrid’s assistant manager to Carlo Ancelotti.

During that 2013-14 season, the Frenchman was barely starting to show his qualities as a leading man.

Whereas Simeone was already a fantastic manager, he was going through the most successful season of his career so far.

But ‘Cholo’ wasn’t able to prevent bad fortune from catching up to his players, not even on his first Champions League final.

During that game in Lisbon, Real Madrid was lucky enough to have Sergio Ramos scoring that last-minute header.

Atletico Madrid was leading the scoreboard throughout the 90 minutes, but they couldn’t hold until the end.

There was a feeling that the Colchoneros wouldn’t hold their ground during extra time. 

‘Cholo’ loses a second final with Zidane on the bench.

After losing that 2014 final in extra time, Simeone could only hope that another chance would come in the future.

It didn’t take long to emerge, Milano hosted another final between both clubs in 2016.

Fortune was also on Zidane’s side, the French manager was the head coach in this instance.

This was the first final between both managers as the leaders, and Atletico lost it from the spot.

Losing two Champions League finals against the most hated rival was truly unbearable for Diego Simeone.

We were hoping that another final would come. It finally happened in 2020.

Unfortunately, Simeone doesn’t seem to catch a break against Zidane.

The French manager has a dominance over him that nobody can explain. Atletico Madrid is cursed against Real Madrid.

We are convinced that ‘Cholo’ will have nightmares of Zidane for the rest of the season. He can only hope they will meet again.

Be that as it may, we can’t take any credit away from Simeone’s achievements.

Despite not having the best of luck against Los Blancos. Atletico Madrid has improved during the start of a new decade. 

Zidane’s perfect record. 

But we can’t simply talk about Diego Simeone’s bad luck against Real Madrid. We need to talk about Zidane as well.

We keep talking about Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Simeone himself, and we keep forgetting ‘Zizou’.

This is the only manager in modern football who won every one of the ten finals he coached as Real Madrid’s manager.

We believe that he is the only one who can compete against English football right now.

Florentino Perez made a terrible mistake when he allowed him to leave last season.

But the president quickly came back from his errors and brought him back.

It’s clear that ‘Zizou’ is the ideal man to leade Real Madrid into a new era of success.

With a highly limited squad that doesn’t have too many stars at the top of their game, Zidane reigns supreme.

We need to keep in mind that this squad didn’t have Eden Hazard, Karim Benzema, or Gareth Bale.

And they still won another competition when they were required.

All of the credit should go to ‘Zizou’, he is the best thing that’s happened to Real Madrid in decades. 

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