Opinion: Diego Simeone’s time at Atletico Madrid is over

It was a gruesome way to go, manager Diego Simeone should have some decency and immediately leave his job as the Atletico Madrid coach.

Things were seemingly working out fine for Diego Simeone and Atletico Madrid before the second leg against Juventus, they were coming from winning with a very convincing 2-0 result at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium three weeks earlier and they were obviously looking to reach the final at their own venue in May.

The Colchoneros even managed to play offensive football during that first match, proving that they were qualified to take the team al the way to the very top through great offensive performances.

As soon as the initial whistle came at Juventus Stadium it was as if the players from three weeks earlier were nowhere to be seen and the manager ordered every single one of them to play a defensive match, the two most disappointing players that ‘Cholo’ had this Tuesday were Frenchmen Thomas Lemar and Antoine Griezmann.

The striker proved once again that he has never really deserved to sit at the same table where Messi and Ronaldo seat, he was completely absent from this crucial match against the Vecchia Signora and he was supposed to deliver a good performance by at least scoring one goal that would push Juventus to score four at home.

Griezmann himself was incredibly disappointed with himself after the match, he even made a very compelling self-criticism round with the press that described how guilty he felt for not being the main player for his squad last night.

It is clear that he also let Diego Simeone down but the Argentine manager is the one who should get most of the blame.

“We never got our game going,” the France forward said via ESPN.

“We picked a bad day to f— up. Sorry for the expression.”

“It was a bit of everything. They were superior on all levels, as we had been in the first leg.”

“In the first game, we defended well and he had no chances. Today he had three and put all three away.”

“We all feel screwed, me the first. I could not get into the game. It was completely different from the first leg, when I made us play. It was not our day today.”

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“I remember the game against Bayern [in the 2016 semifinals, when Atletico won on away goals], it was a bit the same. That day, we were able to fix things at half time. Today, we could not.”

Thomas Lemar’s case is a little similar to Griezmann’s, a player who came with a huge price tag on his shoulder and simply hasn’t been able to meet the expectations that everybody had of him.

But the main person who should quit his job at Atletico Madrid effective immediately is manager Diego Simeone, the man who has sold us the idea of ‘Cholismo’ for the last seven years and hasn’t really won many important trophies with the club.

Two lost Champions League finals with the sporadic Europa League success, but with the very same defensive philosophy regardless of how offensive his roster really is.

We know that Diego Simeone will never change his style, but we consider that buying so many creative players meant that he would at least try to play some spectacular football and not park the bus shamelessly as he did against Juventus.

We honestly can’t even say that Atletico Madrid wasn’t a good enough squad to at least score one goal, the players didn’t even seem to try and that’s because the manager asked them to defend the result that they got during the first leg.

Simeone should be packing his bags as we speak, he is the highest paid manager in the world and losing like this is simply unacceptable.

What did you think about Diego Simeone’s decisions against Juventus on Tuesday? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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