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Opinion: Edinson Cavani should consider an MLS move

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After Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s exit from the MLS, it’s time for Edinson Cavani to follow his former teammate’s footsteps next season. 

Edinson Cavani is already a veteran of the game who deserves to play for any club of his choosing when he retires, the MLS is his natural next step.

LA Galaxy could be an ideal place for him to go after PSG, especially considering he could become the next great player of this institution after Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s departure.

Now that they know how much impact a player of this caliber makes in the United States, Galaxy will obviously try to go for the most impressive goal-scorer they can get in European football.

Given how little he’s played in this season at Paris Saint-Germain, perhaps Cavani would be keen on making this decision during the winter transfer window.

A report from Diario Sport confirms that Cavani’s representation already had an approach from the MLS club in order to see if a transfer might be in the cards.

The idea is to convince the Uruguay international that he can be the next player who replaces Zlatan Ibrahimovic, which seems like the obvious move for the Los Angeles club.

The player hasn’t responded to the approach yet, he is still hopeful that he can help PSG later this season after he completely recovers from all his physical problems. 

PSG already prefers Icardi over Cavani. 

Due to Edinson Cavani’s veteran status, the French giants already regard Mauro Icardi as his ideal replacement for the squad.

At the end of the summer transfer window, nobody believed that the Argentine would have a major impact on the squad.

However, Icardi came with a perfect plan to take over Cavani’s spot inside the starting eleven.

Since he came to Paris, Mauro has already scored an important number of goals in every competition.

It is almost as if Cavani didn’t exist, the Argentine truly took everybody by surprise.

PSG’s owners are forever grateful towards the Uruguay international, but they also recognize that he is already past his prime and they are keen on finding him a new club.

Edinson hasn’t said anything about the possible destination he would pick if he left French football, he may still be keen on staying in European football.

The competitive spirit that Uruguay players have is too great to ignore, especially for an elite striker such as Edinson Cavani.

The fact that Mauro Icardi appears to have taken his place inside the starting eleven at PSG, is nothing more than motivation for Cavani to improve even further.

Although MLS football seems like a great retirement plan, Edi might be after new thrills in his career before making such an important decision. 

The MLS won’t give up on great players. 

The aftermath that Zlatan Ibrahimovic left on the MLS is too giant to ignore, the competition’s officials are already looking for their next big signing.

If Edinson Cavani doesn’t work, they are willing to go after more veteran stars and even players of a younger age who could be keen on earning dollars.

We refuse to talk about the options they might have as targets right now, but only because we are going to make a Top 5 list of the most appealing options for the MLS.

This business model has worked for many years in the United States, but none of the players before Zlatan made an impact quite as the Swedish legend did.

There is only a handful of veteran players who can create a similar feeling on all the American soccer fans.

Turning them up to watching the sport when they have so many options to choose from wasn’t easy, but bringing a player of Zlatan’s caliber really made the trick.

Now that they know the way to proceed, we are convinced that the MLS will keep bringing players this big in order to prolong their aggressive expansion that’s been going on for years. 

If not Cavani, which veterans from Europe would be a great addition to the MLS? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.