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Opinion: England can kiss their Euro 2020 hopes goodbye

England, Euro 2020
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We need to explain the reason we believe the England National Tem can already kiss their Euro 2020 hopes goodbye. 

The Euro 2020 is happening this summer with the England squad as a major part of it, but they don’t have a chance to win it.

Before the events of this week, we thought they were arguably considered one of the best teams to compete in the tournament.

They currently have an impressive generation of players that even reached the 2018 World Cup semifinals in Russia.

This England side qualified to the upcoming Euro 2020 without breaking a sweat, and they also played the UEFA Nations League semifinals last year.

It’s safe to say that manager Gareth Southgate knows exactly what he is doing.

The man is fortunate enough to have one of the most successful batches of young players who are up and coming through the ranks of various clubs.

There are too many names to mention in a single paragraph. But the Three Lions do have a select group that should help them win something in the future.

So, why do you think we are telling you that they don’t have a chance to win silverware this summer?

It’s due to the recent events that happened at Tottenham Hotspur. This England side just lost their top player to an unfortunate injury. 

Harry Kane’s importance in the Three Lions. 

Despite having many players who are considered world-class, this England side still has Harry Kane as their true leader.

Well, the Tottenham Hotspur’s striker just received the terrible news that he might not recover completely for this summer.

Harry suffered a nasty muscular tear in one of his hamstrings. The type that gets you out of the game for at least four months and takes you to surgery.

It’s not only Jose Mourinho who should be worried about not having his best player, but Gareth Southgate should also be worried as well.

Even though England still has key footballers such as Jordan Henderson or Raheem Sterling. Harry Kane’s absence is the most important.

The captain is the man who represents the Three Lions’ most recent success story during that World Cup. He won the tournament’s Golden Boot by scoring 6 goals.

Kane wrote his name alongside other incredible players such as Davor Sucker, Ronaldo Nazario, and even Pele himself.

The England side had a way better chance of winning the title next summer with Harry on the pitch. 

Can Sancho and Sterling step up to the challenge? 

We believe that neither Raheem Sterling nor Jadon Sancho have what it takes to take Harry Kane’s leadership role in the squad.

The Manchester City forward has been considered a role model amongst children for the last two seasons.

However, he still hasn’t reached the level that Harry Kane had when he was fit.

Jadon Sancho has the quality to reach that level, but we fear he might be too young to fill that void that Kane will leave if he doesn’t recover.

A doctor that treats the captain’s same injury hinted at an imminent absence from the competition.

But Kane won’t give up until the end, he will try to recover as quickly as possible in order to help England fight for the European Championship.

As a final thought, we know that we might come across as negative or pessimistic. England has so many great players they can rely on.

But in our defense, Karry Kane is a talent that comes out once every generation.

We will stick by our statement and tell you that England is doomed for the Euro 2020 if Harry doesn’t recover completely. 

Which player can take Harry Kane’s spot with the English National Team? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.