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Opinion: Erling Haaland won’t last over a year in Germany

Erling Haaland, Germany
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It’s only been a few matches in the Bundesliga, but we believe Erling Haaland won’t last more than a year in Germany. 

Erling Haaland is arguably the most exciting striker in the world right now, this won’t allow him to remain in Germany for more than a year. The young Norwegian started a brilliant career last year during the under 20 World Cup, where he scored 9 goals in a single game.

That was more than enough for him to get a new contract at RB Salzburg in Austria. It took him only half a season to convince a bigger club to sign him, his explosion has been relentless. Now that he is at Borussia Dortmund, Haaland hasn’t scored in only one of all the matches he’s played in all competitions.

This impact has been one of the most refreshing news of this season, Haaland already got past 30 goals in all competitions this season. The Golden Shoe race will slightly affect him because his goals in Austria are worth less than the ones in Germany.

The youngster currently sits in fifth place with 38 points. He’s scored 23 goals between RB Salzburg and Borussia Dortmund, but his goals are worth more in the Bundesliga. If he maintains this pace, Haaland might get a chance to fight for the title by the end of the season. All these numbers are more than enough to convince a giant club to come after him. 

Which clubs will come after Haaland? 

As far as we know, there are at least five major clubs that will come after Haaland next summer. Judging on how quickly the player moved during the winter, we wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing happened in June. Borussia Dortmund is a fantastic club, but they are hardly going to compete for all the titles that Haaland wants to win during his career.

Moreover, the kid’s agent is Mino Raiola and we know how he manages his clients. The highest bidder will get the chance to sign the young player, but which club is that? There have been reports of Pep Guardiola having major plans for this player by next season, he is supposed to be Sergio Aguero’s replacement. However, other major English clubs will push hard to sign him.

We believe that his price will be around €100 million if nothing extraordinary happens. Knowing how fast this player is developing, we wouldn’t be surprised if he was more expensive by next summer. His current value on Transfermarkt is €60 million, but the biggest clubs in the world are willing to pay much more for him. 

What are Haaland’s plans for the net year? 

Considering how quickly he is growing, Erling Haaland is eager to take the world by storm. The current season in Germany is easily one of the most exciting of the last decade, and Borussia Dortmund has a chance to fight for the title.

The UEFA Champions League is another exciting chance that the youngster will get to show his talents. The upcoming Round of 16 against Paris Saint-Germain looks very promising for the striker. Things will get a lot more interesting by this time next week. This is when they will face at Signal Iduna Park.

The upcoming Bundesliga match against Eintracht Frankfurt will give him another chance to keep scoring goals. Valentine’s Day will be another chance for Erling to prepare himself to face the French giants. The simple thought of a teenager facing Kylian Mbappe and Neymar has to be enough to get anybody excited.

We are convinced that Erling Haaland will come out with hunger for more success. This is why we think he won’t last more than a year in Dortmund, he is too good to remain there. 

Which club has the biggest chance to sign Erling Haaland next summer? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.