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Opinion: Everybody will go against the Premier League

Liverpool Champions League victory parade
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The new Champions League season is about to begin, and everybody will go against the Premier League squads this year.

The UEFA Champions League is just moments away from starting a whole new season, we already know that all the clubs in Europe will go after the Premier League squads.

Things seem to finally come back to normal, this feels just like the old days when English football reigned supreme in the continent.

Today, the two best clubs in the world are Manchester City and Liverpool FC.

Other squads such as Real Madrid or FC Barcelona are not what they were in previous seasons, there is no other way to look at this situation.

We just had a back and forth between Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp, both managers praised each other’s teams and recognized their rival as the best clubs in the world.

We are sure that the Spaniards will complain about this, they obviously want their teams to be the ones that are recognized as the best.

However, they need to have a perfect season in the Champions League if they want to get that level of acknowledgment from the rest of the world.

As of right now, the clubs from English football are the ones that have the lead and there is nothing that can change that.

We are about to embark on a very exciting new year that will be filled with adventure, one that will bring us some new names to the table.

Man City and Liverpool aren’t the only Premier League clubs involved in this competition, we need to talk about the other two.

Chelsea and Tottenham will also have prolific seasons.

The other two clubs from England that are about to start a new Champions League season are Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea.

The Spurs are one of the biggest surprises in European football last season, they reached the UEFA Champions League final against all odds.

This team got this far in the competition during a season in which they didn’t have a lot of support from its board of directors.

Chairman Daniel Levy focused more on opening the new stadium instead of signing new players, the North London club didn’t sign a single name during either of their transfer windows.

Despite this evident setback, manager Mauricio Pochettino proved his status as one of the best coaches in the world by taking this squad to the final.

Even though they lost the most important match of the season, this group of players and their manager earned the respect of the whole world.

We might be getting a similar type of squad this season under the same manager, they only got to sign a few players and didn’t want to mess with the atmosphere they created last year.

Regardless of how limited they are, the Spurs will still be one of the tougher clubs to beat in this competition.

This squad is sharing Group B with Bayern Munich, Olympiakos, and Crvena Zvezda.

As far as Chelsea is concerned, we might think they will have one of the most limited squads to confront this competition in a long time.

However, having Frank Lampard as their manager is the biggest asset at the moment.

The English coach understands the Blues like no other, he knows exactly the type of young players who can help him overcome that transfer ban that the club suffered last season.

We already saw the first signals from some interesting talents who are starting to make their way through the ranks.

We have Mason Mount and Tammy Abraham are leading the charge, players who have mad skills that can help Chelsea this season.

As part of Group H, the Blues don’t really have a complicated stage either and they have a good shot at qualifying to the next round.

This really does seem like the old days when clubs from the Premier League were at the very top, we’ll see how other great institutions react to their dominance.

We already know that FC Barcelona is the squad with the biggest chances to beat them, but we can’t overlook clubs such as Juventus, Bayern Munich, PSG, and even Real Madrid to offer a proper response.

We are more than ready for this new Champions League season to start.

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