Opinion: FC Barcelona should rest Messi vs Athletic Bilbao

With two still left to play for FC Barcelona, a hard decision needs to be made in regards to Lionel Messi’s health as he should not travel to Bilbao.

Reports coming in from FC Barcelona this Friday morning were concerning, Lionel Messi’s thigh injury still hasn’t disappeared and the player missed the training session with his teammates to remain at the gym for recovery with the physios.

Earlier in the morning, we could see most of the Barcelona players stepping into the training grounds for the preparation practice ahead of their trip to Bilbao where they will face Athletic Club in San Mames on Sunday.

These matches are always a joy to watch for anybody and Barcelona could lose points if they are not sharp enough throughout the 90 minutes, having Messi in these types of games is always a plus because he has historical importance every time he visits the Lions’ stadium.

But the latest report from Diario Sport talks about the club not even issuing a medical report about Messi, they did mention that Arthur Melo is set to miss out on at least four weeks of all competitions due to a hamstring problem but nothing was mentioned about Leo.

The club is hoping that the player recovers enough to at least be a part of the trip to Bilbao, they know how complicated La Liga can get for them if they lose this match.

Leo Messi suffered a blow from a Valencia rival during the Copa del Rey match at Camp Nou last week, right after the clash he immediately called the doctors and they did what they could to ease the pain.

The player finished the game but it was evident that he had a problem, Messi kept doing physical therapy ahead this week’s Copa del Rey Clasico but manager Ernesto Valverde decided to leave him on the bench from the beginning.

When the time came for Messi to play against Real during the last half hour of the game, it was clear that he wasn’t doing the usual sprints we know he can produce and that’s when people started getting worried.

FC Barcelona still has two more matches against Barcelona, they will be at the Santiago Bernabeu and having Messi fully fit for both games is absolutely essential for the Catalan club’s chances to keep fighting for all the trophies this season.

This is where a decision will have to get made ahead of the club’s next trip to Bilbao, manager Ernesto Valverde still wants to see how the player evolves after physical therapy and then he will make a decision.

We simply can’t understand why the club is so determined to keep telling lies to the press and the fans, saying the Messi is okay when he clearly isn’t won’t solve the problem.

Manager Ernesto Valverde should grab some courage to tell the player that he needs to rest at home this weekend and keep recovering himself, he needs to let Messi know that he can’t play on Sunday against Athletic Club.

Leo himself needs to put things in the balance and realize what is worth more, next Sunday’s match or the rest of the season.

Risking an even more concerning injury against Athletic Club seems like a very stupid thing to do, Messi should stay at home and watch the game from the comfort of his living room.

The Barcelona players will have to make do with what they have for this match, even if that could cost them three vital points that may let both Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid catch up to them on the table.

These types of decisions are very difficult to make, especially on this stage of the season because the players always want to play regardless of how they feel.

One thing is for sure, Messi can already tell the Argentina National Team that he won’t travel for the next international break.

Going to South America with this injury is also too risky.

Why do you think Ernesto Valverde hasn’t told Messi that staying at home is the best option for the next game? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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