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Opinion: FC Barcelona’s strategy with Neymar is stupid

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We need to discuss the strategy that FC Barcelona is currently doing with Neymar’s possible return to the club, it’s pretty stupid.

In another episode of FC Barcelona’s stupid transfer strategies, we look at president Josep Maria Bartomeu making more mistakes with Neymar.

The chairman just saw how Leonardo confirmed in public that Paris Saint-Germain will listen to bids from any club, the one that convinces them will get the Brazilian off their hands.

This is a clear taunt to any wealthy institution that has the money to buy a player like Neymar, but FC Barcelona decides to stay silent and wait for the player to make a move.

This is arguably one of the stupidest things that Bartomeu and the club’s board has done in quite a while, it actually rivals the decision to let Neymar leave back in 2017.

There is no way that president Florentino Perez won’t look at Leonardo’s statement as a direct invitation for Real Madrid to make an offer.

We already know what will happen if Los Blancos’ chairman decides to actually go after the Brazilian, he usually gets what he wants.

The only reason Barcelona’s biggest rivals won’t go after this player is if Zidane decides he doesn’t want him.

However, given how accessible this transfer could become and the urgency Real Madrid has to get back to the top, the French boss could change his mind.

‘Zizou’ already said that he doesn’t care about signing Neymar, but saying no to a player as talented could eventually become a tactical mistake.

Florentino’s brilliant strategic transfer history.

We all know how much the Real Madrid president loves signing players just to take them off the table from the club’s opposition.

This is a classic tactic that the biggest clubs in the world usually have, which is to sign a player that other clubs are after.

Risk management at Real Madrid is the department that usually approaches Perez and lets him know how important it is to sign a footballer.

The age of the possible target isn’t important, only how much damage he can potentially make to the club if he signs for a different squad.

With Neymar, this discussion is actually a no-brainer. There is no way that Los Blancos would pass on the opportunity to sign a player of his magnitude just to spike FC Barcelona.

Perhaps the most famous transfer that Florentino Perez made in order to beat the Catalan club to the punch is Luis Figo.

We had a player who was one of Barcelona’s household names and was convinced by Perez to move directly to Los Blancos from there.

To this day, the Portuguese winder can’t walk through the streets of the city without being insulted or called out for what he did nearly 20 years ago.

Signing Neymar would have a similar effect right now, especially because FC Barcelona is currently trying to sign him.

If the Catalan club and Bartomeu know how dangerous it is to compete against Real Madrid for a player, then why aren’t they moving at a faster pace to bring Neymar back?

Simple, the club’s board is filled with inept individuals who can’t make solid decisions at the right time.

Starting with the club’s president, it is well known that Bartomeu is one of the most hated figures amongst the club’s supporters.

This president didn’t get on board of the project through an election process like many more presidents before him.

When Sandro Rossell got in deep trouble with the Spanish law and started the due process, Bartomeu got on board as an interim president and remained on the seat ever since.

The club’s supporters have put up with his many mistakes over the years because the squad has actually won some important titles.

However, it is getting increasingly clear that Bartomeu needs to step down as president sometime in the near future.

The club’s supporters keep booing him in every chance they get, they would elect a different man for the job tomorrow if they were given a chance to vote.

If this Neymar situation becomes another blunder with Real Madrid involved, you can be sure that Bartomeu’s days as the club’s president are numbered.

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