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Opinion: Forgiving Neymar will be hard at FC Barcelona

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We keep talking about Neymar’s possible return to FC Barcelona this summer, but we forget how much he hurt many supporters and some players.

Neymar’s return to FC Barcelona is apparently going strong during the summer transfer window, but we need to discuss the respect he lost in there.

Many supporters and some of the players who are still in the club are hurt by what he did, leaving to play for PSG just like that left a deep wound.

We can tell you first-hand about some former players who are not happy with the idea of Neymar coming back, they don’t like the idea of him returning as if nothing happened.

Although the Brazilian still has Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez’s support, there is an important number of people who were really hurt by the way everything went down.

Allegedly, FC Barcelona will try to bring both Neymar and Antoine Griezmann.

These people who are not happy with Ney’s possible comeback prefer the Frenchman over him any day, they have expressed it repeatedly.

One of the most vocal former players from the club is ‘Lobo’ Carrasco, who surprisingly lined up against Neymar’s return by stating that he will never forgive what he did.

It’s quite clear that the Brazilian’s exit in 2017 was one of the main reasons why Barcelona wasn’t able to win the bigger trophies, his exit affected them on a psychological level.

The Brazilian kept in touch with many players from the club, mostly the foreigners.

But some of the club’s most important players expressed how they didn’t like the way Neymar managed everything with his exit.

FC Barcelona’s historical lack of dignity.

This whole situation goes down to the dark history that FC Barcelona has with the way they treat players, and also with the poor decision the board tends to make.

They have never been great at signing talent, which is why this possibility of Neymar’s return does seem a bit rushed.

The Brazilian player is currently going through one of the worst moments of his career, he is suffering injury after injury with the unluckiest last couple of years we can remember from any footballer.

Apart from that, Neymar’s personal life has also taken a few hits and he became one of the most hated figures in world football over the last two seasons.

That provocative style of play he has is one of the main reasons people hate him, he keeps trying to showboat and doesn’t like the consequences of his actions.

Rather than mature in this aspect of his game, Neymar chose to keep trying to provoke his rivals.

With those injuries came faking while he is laying on the ground, which is a whole other reason why people started hating on him.

In a matter of two years, Neymar went from being a polarizing player to one of the most despised footballers in the world.

And now, Barcelona is supposed to forgive him for what he did and take him back as if nothing happened.

The worst part of all this is that PSG is not willing to take less than what they paid for him in the first place.

What can Neymar do to be forgiven?

There is a lot of work ahead for Neymar if he wants to return to Barcelona, he already started by accepting the terms that the club demands from him.

Cutting his wage in nearly half, dropping the lawsuit against the club, and publicly saying that he wants to return are only parts of the first step.

After all this is done, Neymar needs to wait and see if both clubs can reach an agreement for his transfer.

Then, the most difficult part begins for the Brazilian. He will have to work hard in order to convince the people and some of his teammates that he is worthy of playing for Barcelona again.

Having Messi’s support is not enough in this scenario, this man needs to get a reality check and he really needs to beg for the people to accept him again as one of their own.

We know of many Cule fans who are not even willing to hear his excuses, they completely reject Neymar now.

We have a very interesting drama ahead of us over the next couple of months, this story is only just beginning.

Le Parisien confirmed today that both clubs made the first contact over Neymar’s possible exit from PSG, but the French club already gave the first resounding ‘NO’.

What will it take for Neymar to be forgiven in Barcelona? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.