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Opinion: Frank Lampard can overpower Pep Guardiola

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With the Manchester City vs Chelsea FC match around the corner, we tell you why Frank Lampard can overpower Pep Guardiola. 

Manchester City is about to face Chelsea FC at Etihad Stadium on Saturday, it’s the anticipated confrontation between Frank Lampard and Pep Guardiola.

Since the Catalan manager arrived in England, only Jurgen Klopp has been able to truly overpower him in the country with victories that left his team without a way to respond.

Up until he met the German manager at the Bundesliga, there was never a club that could compete against Guardiola’s tactics.

The only way anybody could defeat Pep was by playing ultra-defensive football or “parking the bus” if you will.

When Klopp started playing against Guardiola’s Bayern Munich, he immediately knew how to play against that tiki-taka style with his own offensive response.

This is something that took the Catalan manager by surprise, but it also motivated him to improve his own coaching style.

From that moment forward, Guardiola knew he wasn’t the only coach who could challenge any club in the world with an offensive proposal.

Jurgen Klopp has managed to become the best in the world over the last few years, he is right up there next to Pep and Zinedine Zidane.

The current season is arguably the most dominant that Liverpool had in the last 30 years, which speaks volumes about the German manager’s quality. 

Guardiola is still trying to catch up with the Reds’ boss, but there is another manager who is already getting people talking.

An Englishman who was expected to deliver good results as a coach, but nobody imagined they would come this quickly.

Frank Lampard was already one of the smartest people in football, and he learned how to translate that intelligence into this sport.

His beloved Chelsea only took a year to be convinced that the best option after Maurizio Sarri, was the Blues legend.

This club is right in the middle of a revolution, every single aspect of the institution is changing its structure and working methods.

Lampard came with a fresh set of ideas that was destined to give him the results he envisioned, and he is doing this during a year in which the club is banned.

To those who don’t remember this, Chelsea suffered a transfer ban from UEFA due to illegal activities with players who were underage.

This situation presented itself as a great challenge for the Englishman, who didn’t hesitate to take it and work with the players he has.

If he wins any silverware by the end of the season, there will be no doubt that Frank Lampard is one of the best managers in the world.

But more importantly, he is one of the most surprising finds in the country’s history. 

His biggest challenge will be against Pep Guardiola.

Given that he already eliminated Jose Mourinho from a Cup last season, the former Derby County manager has a new challenge insight.

The Blues are travelling to Etihad Stadium to play against Manchester City, Pep Guardiola is already waiting for them knowing that Lampard is a major threat.

Since Jurgen Klopp appeared, there hadn’t been another coach who truly represented a challenge for Guardiola.

Frank Lampard has a system that relies on his offensive players more than the rest, and he is very successful so far.

In fact, Chelsea is currently in third place on the Premier League table with 26 points.

Pep Guardiola’s squad lost the second place before the international break and is currently in fourth.

This Saturday match is crucial for the Citizens, they need a victory in order to recover some of the lost points against a direct competitor.

We are all in for a treat between two brilliant managers, but we have a feeling that Chelsea has a chance to win at the Etihad.

We believe Frank Lampard has what it takes to overpower Pep Guardiola in a direct confrontation, we hope both squads put on a great show tomorrow. 

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