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Opinion: Frenkie de Jong wouldn’t hesitate vs FC Barcelona

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We will talk about the main reason we believe that Frenkie de Jong won’t hesitate to eliminate Barcelona in a potential final.

AFC Ajax’s midfielder Frenkie de Jong decided to change his life forever after signing a new contract for FC Barcelona last winter.

The Dutch midfielder will begin his new adventure with the Catalan club after the current season is over.

De Jong is currently having the best season of his career as he helped his squad reach a historic Champions League semifinal.

The Dutch will face Tottenham Hotspur in the series and they could potentially play the final vs FC Barcelona if the Catalan club defeats Liverpool.

This possibility has sparked suspicious rumors of Frenkie de Jong possibly not playing at his best against his new club.

The player felt the need to come out and publicly confirm that he would actually love to eliminate Barcelona if the opportunity presented itself.

But this action could bring unwanted attention to Frenkie from the FC Barcelona fans who are eager for the club to win its sixth trophy in history.

The thought of De Jong not being a complete professional against his future club immediately crossed the minds of fans and media personalities alike.

Frenkie’s actual response to people doubting him

Before being an FC Barcelona player, Frenkie de Jong literally owes his career to Ajax above any other institution.

The idea of the Dutch player betraying the club of his life is almost insulting to him and he wanted to respond to any of these concerns.

Ajax fans quickly started pointing out that De Jong’s vision would be compromised but he doesn’t think the same way.

Frenkie is still under contract with the Dutch giants and protecting his professional status as a player is more important than anything to him.

In fact, he believes FC Barcelona will love him much more when he proves himself by honoring his current club.

We are convinced that Frenkie de Jong would love to leave AFC Ajax as a champion in any competition he can play, this would bring greater prestige to his career.

The player was recently interviewed by Four Four Two for their May issue about the possibility of playing Barcelona, he immediately responded as an Ajax player.

“I have thought about that scenario,” he told FFT.

“That would be special, but at the same time it doesn’t matter to me who we play. As long as I’m an Ajax player, I want Ajax to win.”

“I’d have no qualms about trying to knock out Barcelona like we did Real Madrid.”

Matthijs de Ligt’s similar situation

There is also the matter of Dutch defender Matthijs de Ligt, who is widely considered as one of the best players in the world right now.

The teenager currently has offers from practically all the best clubs in the world right now, but he is leaning heavily towards FC Barcelona.

Siem de Jong just advised the youngster to not hesitate and join the Catalan club next summer.

Everything seems to point to an imminent arrival to Spanish football but the hypothetical final against them would pose a problem for the player.

We are certain that both he and his friend Frenkie would obviously say that they would like to defeat Barcelona.

However, if the final takes place between both squads and Ajax lost the game, a lot of doubts would cloud over both players.

It doesn’t matter what happens in the end because critics will always be there to come after this Dutch Golden Generation.

We obviously would have to watch them get past Tottenham Hotspur first, the Spurs are the most difficult task that they could get at this point in the season.

Mauricio Pochettino is the most immediate threat to both Dutch players and thinking about a final against Barcelona is still far away.

Do you think De Jong and De Ligt would give their all against Barcelona in a possible final? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.