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Opinion: Gareth Bale should tell his agent to remain silent


Gareth Bale’s situation has reached an unsustainable point between the player and the club, his agent’s statements are not helping the case.

Gareth Bale’s future is currently being decided by the powers that be at Real Madrid, they are keeping constant talks with his agent.

Jonathan Barnett may be one of the main reasons why Zinedine Zidane had enough of Gareth Bale, the player should tell his agent to shut his mouth.

This tends to happen a lot with other agents as well, especially the ones who have some of the biggest players in the world as their clients.

Barnett is obviously looking out for his player’s best interest, but him coming after Zinedine Zidane so publicly will only hurt Gareth Bale’s reputation even more.

The fact that clubs from China are the only ones interested in the Welsh winger says a lot about the situation already, no major European club wants to deal with Barnett.

It is evident that the situation can’t be reversed already, this means that Gareth is leaving Los Blancos one way or the other.

With things as complicated as they are right now, perhaps Gareth Bale should take command of the situation and tell Barnett to stop going on various media outlets to basically insult Zidane.

We’ve never heard the French manager even mention Barnett’s name in press conferences, which makes this whole situation even more embarrassing for Gareth Bale.

A person who can tell us more details about this player’s future is former president Ramon Calderon, who is good friends with Sky Sports and goes in the air to talk to them about Real Madrid.

When asked about Bale’s relationship with Zidane, Calderon said: “It’s unsustainable, for sure. For everyone, for the player, for the coach and the club,” remarked Calderon.

“Zidane discounted him when he left the club at the beginning of last season – he wanted to keep Cristiano Ronaldo and sell Bale.”

“The president didn’t follow that advice, so Zidane left the club. When he came back two months ago he was promised Bale won’t be there in the future.”

“Maybe his comments weren’t really appropriate but what he has showed is he’s fed up with the situation and the best thing to do is find a solution.”

“No top player, and he’s one of them for sure, wants to be on the bench,” Calderon added.

“He would like to be playing, it doesn’t matter where but I suppose at a big club, but no offers have come – that is another problem.”

“They are talking about Chinese clubs but they have the problem about paying the transfer fee, with their new rules, they have to pay the same money to the federation.”

“That will double the amount for the transfer fee. I think in this case the best solution would be a loan, but nobody is willing to do that.”

Bale should take action ASAP.

This bad relationship between the two of them started way back when Zidane was the manager during his first term, he already wanted Bale out of the squad.

In fact, he resigned from his job because Florentino Perez refused to keep Cristiano Ronaldo and wanted to keep Gareth Bale.

The Welsh player got away with what he wanted as Barnett did, but his poor performances from last season were the final nail in his coffin.

When Zidane decided to return, the president promised him that Gareth would be out of the picture before the start of next season.

The player’s agent can say whatever he wants about Zidane, that rhetoric will only damage his client’s image with the rest of the world.

We know that Bale’s career at Real Madrid deserves all the respect and recognition, but Jonathan Barnett is leaving a nasty stain on it with his constant controversial accusations and insults.

Somebody should tell Bale that his own agent is doing him any favors with these public appearances, he should take control of the situation ASAP.

We still don’t know where he is going next, but playing in the Chinese League right after Real Madrid would be a step down in his career and only Barnett is left to blame for it.

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