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Opinion: Gareth Bale’s time at Real Madrid is finished

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We need to talk about the reasons why Welsh winger Gareth Bale’s time at Real Madrid is completely finished, it all started with Zinedine Zidane.

Every time a great player like Gareth Bale becomes injury-prone in one of the biggest clubs in the world like Real Madrid, the managers and board of directors tend to distance themselves from them because they are actively looking to get rid of the said player.

The situation between Los Blancos and the Welsh player started to get twisted from the very first moment in which he fell injured, Gareth has suffered nearly 20 muscular problems since he first arrived in Los Blancos and there hasn’t been a signal of stopping with these problems anytime soon.

Things weren’t really that bad during the time when Carlo Ancelotti managed the squad, the club finally won its tenth Champions League with Gareth Bale playing phenomenal football in the final.

But a winger who started his career as a left back was going to struggle with muscular fitness after a few years in the elite, he suffered a problem that is very similar to that of Arjen Robben when the Dutchman also played for Real Madrid.

President Florentino Perez started to have a horrible Deja Vú that hasn’t stopped to this day, and manager Zinedine Zidane came in with the clear goal of either recovering his player or letting him go.

To Florentino Perez in fact, having a player who only performed during the final part of the season due to his injuries but scored the most important goals every year was more than enough.

Zidane saw things very differently, he decided to let the player leave after his third season with the club and this is exactly where both coach and president disagreed.

Even Gareth Bale confirmed that the French manager didn’t really want him to continue at the club, he never told him to leave directly to his face but the manager’s actions were louder than words could ever be.

The final against Liverpool that saw Bale scoring that incredibly bicycle-kick goal in order to give Los Blancos their third consecutive Champions League title, didn’t seem to be enough for the Welsh player.

A moment came for Florentino Perez to make a decision and either let Bale leave or let the French manager make his decision.

‘Zizou’ was never one who liked to make things difficult for anybody, he decided to leave without the need of a confrontation and left everybody in shock, even Gareth Bale who also decided to leave the club at the end of the season.

Now that Los Blancos are living their first season without Zidane, the player is still having the same injury problems and recalling the bad relationship the two had during his time at Real Madrid.

Many fans actually think that it should’ve been Bale the one to leave, not Zidane.

“He didn’t talk to me about it – I still haven’t spoken to him since. Our relationship was good. I wouldn’t say we were best mates, it was just a normal professional relationship,” said Bale in an interview with Four Four Two.

“I was really frustrated not to start,” he added.

“I’d played pretty well since coming back from the last little niggle I’d had in December. I scored five goals in my last four league games of the season and felt like I deserved to be involved from the start.”

“I was desperate to get onto that pitch. When I ran on I was still a bit angry, and that’s probably why I did what I did next.”

“I’ve watched the goal back a couple of times. I didn’t feel like I had a point to prove – I wanted to do it for myself and the team. If you play in any final you want to be going home with the trophy, no matter what it takes. If it meant waiting to come on for the last 30 minutes, so be it.”

If given the choice who would you have picked, Gareth Bale or Zinedine Zidane? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.