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Opinion: Griezmann needs to be patient with Leo Messi

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Due to how complicated the situation is with Griezmann at FC Barcelona, we tell you why he needs to be patient with Leo Messi.

Recent reports coming from FC Barcelona reveal that the relationship between Leo Messi and Antoine Griezmann is off to a rocky start.

The French forward arrived at the Catalan club with a high level of expectation, his dream was always to play next to Messi.

But things didn’t exactly work as smoothly as he expected, turns out that Leo is less easy to approach than Antoine previously expected.

Although reports of an alleged falling out surfaced quickly, the two players are not speaking that much for a less scandalous reason.

One person who can give Griezmann a bit of advice in regards to getting along with Leo is Clement Lenglet, who is another French player within the squad.

The defender came to the Catalan squad last season and he also had a hard time getting through to Leo, this is only a matter of not being sociable enough.

As we all know, Messi was always a shy individual and he doesn’t have a good time trying to get along with everybody.

There has even been a long discussion about his Aspergers condition, which is a mild form of autism.

However, this last theory has never been denied or confirmed by the player himself.

We will only leave this at Leo being a shy person, which doesn’t help Antoine if he wants to be one of his best pals. 

“It’s not simple to fit in at a club like Barcelona,” Lenglet told a news conference on Tuesday via Mundo Deportivo.

“Some players are already there and have a history together.”

“Like in the French national team, there is a very specific way of playing – how we’re positioned is different than what Antoine knew at Atletico, where he was starting from far back.”

“You need time to adapt to feel better on the pitch and play as well as possible.”

“At Barcelona, we’re trying to recover the ball as high as possible on the pitch with a lot of efforts on 20 to 30 meter runs. With Atletico, it was a bit different, they were falling back, and it was 50 to 60-meter runs. So you have to learn that, you need time.”

“Physically it’s different, and mentally as well, you need to prepare. Antoine is working on that every day during training, and it’s going to be better and better during games, I’m sure of it.”

“[Messi] is very calm, very relaxed, very normal,” he added.

“When you arrive at Barcelona, you’re careful about what you’re doing but it’s not Leo who’s coming over to tell you off when you make a mistake.”

“He’s very simple, he lets you play. This is how it went with Antoine and I. Step by step, you talk to him.”

“He gets along very well with Luis [Suarez] but he’s very open with the others, so you can talk about many things, not only football. He’s a simple man and he helps us every day.”

Griezmann is back in France to forget about this issue. 

One of the places where he can clear his head and think straight is France, this is the ideal spot for Antoine Griezmann to regain his confidence.

The French forward has been one of his nation’s most important players for a number of years.

If he performs well against Moldova and Albania, this might help him improve his level of performance at FC Barcelona.

As a piece of advice, we would ask Antoine to remain patient and focus on his game.

Griezmann is a world-class player who already has Lionel Messi’s approval, but he needs to show this inside the pitch.

The best way in which Leo will respond to Antoine in a positive manner is by watching him get more involved in the team’s dynamic.

Griezmann needs to take the experience from this international break and apply it to his everyday life in Barcelona.

Only by bringing his A-game to the pitch, will Antoine have a chance to become one of Messi’s best friends.

If you don’t believe that, all you need to do is look at Suarez and Neymar’s way to earn Leo’s respect or admiration.

Granted, talking terms may take long butt earning the trust and respect can take him one great night against a complicated rival. 

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