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Opinion: Harry Kane should continue his career elsewhere

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After another embarrassing defeat at the hands of Bayern Munich, it’s about time for Harry Kane to continue his career elsewhere.

The unfortunate phenomenon that is happening to Harry Kane’s career has occurred for many decades in football, we think it’s time for him to look for new options.

We can easily cite a large number of players who decided to change their squad because they wanted to win trophies during their prime.

Harry is already in his mature years, he is past the 26-year line and he is already starting to live the era that is considered any footballer’s prime.

We understand that his desire to succeed at Tottenham Hotspur is something that has kept him at the club for all these years.

However, there is no way that the North London club will get further than they did last season or the year in which Leicester City won the title.

It is time for Kane to get a dose of reality and start thinking about his career, he needs to take a similar approach to other football legends from the past.

Even though Mauricio Pochettino did his best to convince the striker, no more years can pass without Kane winning more trophies.

By the time he finishes the current season, the England captain will be nearing 27 years old and his level of quality demands a better career.

In order to understand this situation, we feel the need to talk about other examples that we can use to illustrate Harry’s conundrum.

The cases of Thierry Henry and Rio Ferdinand.

We start with the French striker, who did make history at Arsenal during his prime but always lived behind Ronaldinho or Zidane’s shadow.

With the Gunners, Henry made Premier League history as the most important player inside the ‘Arsenal Invincibles’.

However, he soon understood that winning the UEFA Champions League wouldn’t be possible with his beloved club.

The time came for him to make the most difficult decision of his life, and he made the right one by signing for FC Barcelona.

We don’t need to tell you how successful Henry was in Spain, he won all that he wanted.

But perhaps the most relatable example that Harry Kane can take is Rio Ferdinand’s, another England great who had to make a choice.

During his time at Leeds United, the defender reached the UEFA Champions League semifinals with his club.

The problem was that he knew he wouldn’t win any trophies if he remained there, which is why he decided to play for Manchester United.

It is precisely Rio who advised Kane last Tuesday as Tottenham was painfully losing against Bayern Munich. The signs are all there, Harry has to make a decision within the next year.

“It asks you the question, ‘What are you in the game for?’ Are you in the game for staying at one club and being a one-club man and being a legend at that club, or are you in it to win trophies? said Ferdinand on BT Sport.

“And then you ask yourself the next question, ‘Do Spurs look like a team capable of winning trophies?'”

“I don’t think so, no. I think they were a better team probably a couple of years ago.”

“Leeds is a very similar example as to where I was and a similar time in his career, probably I was a year or two younger, but I was in team that reached the Champions League semi-final.”

“Nearly in a team to win the league, maybe, who had a chance, potentially. And I thought I have got a better chance elsewhere and I had the opportunity to go, and that was Manchester United.”

“And I made a very quick decision, ‘I want to go and win trophies’, because my career will be based in my own mind on winning trophies.”

“And Harry Kane is probably having those questions in his mind, and they need answering soon because he is 26 now and you only get a window of opportunity and it comes and goes very quickly.”

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