It’s time to address the big elephant in Tottenham Hotspur’s room, the fact that Harry Kane is not winning any titles and needs to leave the club.

Despite being one of the most competitive clubs in English football, there is no doubt that Tottenham Hotspur still looks far from winning a major trophy any time soon and players like Harry Kane won’t be able to go a whole career without winning any titles.

Manager Mauricio Pochettino said it himself in the past several times, the England captain is arguably one of the best strikers in the world right now and he is the only reason that Tottenham remains relevant in English football today.

There are two reasons that the Englishman has remained at the club right now: his deep respect for the club that revived his career and the promises that the manager has made of getting the most competitive squad around him to compete for all the trophies.

But these promises were made by chairman Daniel Levy and Mauricio Pochettino is getting discouraged by the false promises, it doesn’t look like Tottenham Hotspur will sign any big players during the winter transfer window.

In fact, only this Thursday the club has registered three exits and still no new players that can guarantee the Spurs’ survival for the rest of the season in all competitions.

It’s behavior like this the reason that striker Harry Kane should be incredibly discouraged to remain at the club, the utter indifference that Levy has shown in the last few months because he’s only been interested in finishing the new stadium without thinking about the club’s objectives for the current season.

One might even think that the chairman only cares about Tottenham finishing on the Top Four by the end of the season and not fighting for the trophy, they have already been eliminated from both domestic cups and injured stars invite us to think that they could also get thrashed by a surprising Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League.

All these factors just keep adding up to Harry Kane’s case, the striker doesn’t care about staying competitive without really having a real claim for the title during his time at the club.

It’s not only the English skipper, there are also other players who could entertain the idea of leaving the club soon if they don’t see any right decision being made by management anytime soon.

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We even dare to say that manager Mauricio Pochettino could also leave if things don’t improve soon, the situation is dire for Spurs.

This situation is all about perspective because there may be a lot of fans who can remain happy by staying at the top of the table fighting for the title without actually winning anything, but Kane has a very different mentality and he will eventually leave despite doing it in a cahotic manner by going against the board of directors.

There is always a club like Real Madrid, institutions who wouldn’t hesitate to pay the over €300 million for a player like Kane.

The one who illustrates this situation perfectly is Joe Cole, the former Tottenham player who completely understands the Spurs’ biggest stars possible desire to leave the club sometime in the future.

“If you are a Harry Kane or a Dele Alli, then you want bodies coming through that door,” said Joe Cole during an interview with The Telegraph on Thursday.

“Sometimes you are in a dressing room and you think ‘we’re a good team, we don’t want anybody else coming in’. But if I am a Tottenham player and I want to win things at Tottenham, then I’m thinking ‘yes, we need players. Why are the club not signing anyone?'” said the former midfielder.

How much longer should Harry Kane wait for Tottenham Hotspur to sign better players before making a decision to leave the club? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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