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Opinion: Harry Kane will come back stronger for Tottenham

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The upcoming season for Tottenham Hotspur will be even better than the last one for one simple reason: they will have the best Harry Kane back.

Last season at Tottenham Hotspur wasn’t as everybody expected from Harry Kane, the England international suffered two major ankle injuries.

Both of these setbacks occurred during the second half of the exercise, he wasn’t able to help out his squad as he would’ve wanted.

Regardless of these tough moments for the player, Mauricio Pochettino’s squad still prevailed and even reached the UEFA Champions League final.

Not having their best player available for so much time was very helpful for the rest of the Spurs’ players, they learned how to win matches without him.

One could even say that they matured as a team, and having Harry Kane back this season will make them that much stronger.

We forget because he was out for a long time, but we always need to keep in mind that this England striker is one of the best players in the world.

The stats support this claim without question, as Harry has been right up there with the best in regards to goals scored and provided assists.

Since his explosion came during the 2014-15 tournament, Harry Kane has scored an average 30 goals per season in all competitions for Tottenham Hotspur according to WhoScored.

The man is only 25 years old and he still has a lot to do during his career.

The pace he had during the previous three seasons suggested that Harry Kane was on his way to scoring 50 goals in a single season.

Even though he got injured for the better part of the second half of last year’s tournaments, Kane still managed to score an impressive 24 goals in all competitions.

A year of not being able to help out his teammates has been an eye-opener for Kane, who vowed to fight for the Champions League again.

The English striker spoke to Sky Sports about the expectations he has of the upcoming season, one in which he hopes he can remain in good shape throughout.

“I think it just motivates you to get better,” said Harry Kane during an interview for Sky Sports.

“With the Champions League final, you want to play in those games all the time. We know it’s going to be tough to get back there this year and it’s down to us to perform.”

“That’s always the aim. The manager has full trust in the squad. Whoever he gets in or gets rid of, that’s his choice; he’s the boss.”

“Whatever happens from now until the end of the window, we know we’ve got a strong enough squad to compete. The top six is really tight so we just want to put a good run together,” he concluded.

Pochettino will have a better squad for Kane to shine.

One of the major problems for Harry Kane since he started playing at Tottenham Hotspur are the teammates he has, many of them are not in par with his talent.

However, Mauricio Pochettino has made sure that he can get the best possible players to accompany this wonderful striker.

It’s not that the Argentine coach went out to buy many names in the last two transfer windows, we all know how that went.

The secret was Pochettino’s unique talent to improve the players he already has, this is the key to Harry Kane having a more competitive squad to play alongside him.

There are few managers in the world who have this skill, one of the is Jurgen Klopp and the other one is Pochettino.

Any great club must have a world-class player such as Kane, but they also need to have a well-organized football squad in order to fight for trophies.

The new season that’s coming will be the most exciting yet for Tottenham Hotspur, they will have Karry Kane fully fit and they will have a better squad compared to last season.

The club will not only enjoy the top players they had last year, but they will also get to sign some important names before the transfer window ends. Harry Kane will be right in the center of this revolution.

What are you expecting from Harry Kane and Tottenham Hotspur this season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.