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Opinion: Hazard needs to learn this isn’t England anymore

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After yet another snooze fest from Eden Hazard, it’s about time someone told him that this isn’t England anymore. This is Spain!

Perhaps Eden Hazard didn’t get the memo, he needs to understand that the country where he is playing isn’t England anymore.

I’ve had a theory that perhaps doesn’t make any sense when you read it, but I will tell you all about it anyway.

English football differs in many things to the one from Spain, the pace is notoriously higher but trying to explain it can get some people lost sometimes.

I believe that pitches in England are more compact than the ones in Spain, and that makes offensive players have more chances to create because they don’t make a greater effort to run.

I keep thinking about the old days of Highbury Stadium, of how small the pitch seemed to the naked eye.

It was almost as if the Arsenal players were performing on a rug that was the size of a futsal pitch, they could perform beautiful football in a smaller space.

Stamford Bridge is very much like Highbury was back in the day, this is the pitch where Eden Hazard produced so many magical nights.

The vast majority of English pitches are very similar to those two, save for the most recently built ones.

This gives me the impression that Hazard didn’t need to make such a massive effort to get to the other side of the pitch, and it explains why he is struggling so much in Spain. 

We are not in Kansas anymore, Eden…

Every single day that we get a chance to see Hazard perform at the Bernabeu, we always get the idea that something magical is going to happen.

And yet, he keeps disappointing us every time. Today was more of the same against Galatasaray, the man tries to get there but he looks drained on the final third of the pitch.

Someone needs to sit him down and make him understand, that we are not in England anymore.

Much like that reference from the Wizard of Oz, the Real Madrid physical therapist needs to make him understand that he needs to make an extra effort to succeed at Real Madrid.

Maybe the lack of training at Chelsea worked for his impressive skill, but any player knows that they need a lot more than just talent in order to triumph in this club.

After all, Eden Hazard needs to realize where he is standing.

Very few players in football history get a chance to wear the white jersey, and an even smaller percentage of them actually succeed.

Real Madrid is the opportunity of a lifetime that not all the players can get to experience.

We hope that Hazard gets to understand how important this is in order to modify his behavior. 

There was only so much that the Santiago Bernabeu can handle from Hazard or any player, this is the most demanding fan base in world football.

There were even times in which Cristiano Ronaldo was jeered by his own crowd at the Bernabeu, this hasn’t happened to Eden yet.

That fans are still patient for another couple of games, but they will start booing the player if they don’t see any reaction from him soon.

After the next international break, the clock will start ticking for Eden Hazard.

Not even Zinedine Zidane will be able to prevent the fans from making the Belgian player learn his place.

He could get away with many things when he played for Chelsea, but this is no longer the case in Madrid.

We also think that he might be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the club he represents now, but that perception needs to end ASAP.

Hazard can’t forget that he is the player for whom Los Blancos paid over €100 million last summer, he needs to justify the club’s investment in his talent.

This isn’t England anymore Eden. The sooner you realize this, the quicker you will start making progress in Spain. 

Why do you think Eden Hazard is struggling to succeed at Real Madrid this much? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.