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Opinion: Henry and Giggs should be Hall of Fame prospects

Henry, Giggs
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After the announcement of the Premier League’s Hall of Fame was made, we think Giggs and Henry should be the first inductees. 

The Premier League’s decision to create a Hall of Fame came as a shock to many, we think Henry and Giggs should be the first inductees. These two players represent the most dominant era in English football throughout European football. We are talking about two of the most revered players of the era, and legends who left the tournament’s name up high.

Even though there are other great players who also deserve their spot on the first-ever Premier League Hall of Fame, they are not as important. Already mentioned the names of legends like Alan Shearer, Eric Cantona, Paul Scholes, Frank Lampard, among others in a Top 10 list.

But we will thoroughly explain the accomplishments that Ryan Giggs and Thierry Henry have in their careers that make them the perfect candidates. One is a bonafide faithful player who only performed for a single club. The other one is arguably the greatest foreign star to ever grace English football with his presence.

Both of them are equally spectacular during their prime, and both of them deserve this distinction. The Hall of Fame used to be an honor that other sports offered more regularly. FIFA just started handing out these awards less than a decade ago. It was about time English football started this new tradition. 

Ryan Giggs, the Red Devil captain. 

Welshman Ryan Giggs was always the most advanced student amongst Sir Alex Ferguson’s famous Class of ’92. This is the man who had that magic touch in the most complicated scenarios. His goal against Arsenal in the FA Cup semifinal during the 1999 treble season will live on people’s memories forever. But when it comes to the Premier League, there is no player in football history who won more than ‘Giggsy’ did.

A grand total of 13 titles in the span of two decades, a number that no other player will ever match. Ryan was the ultimate romance story between a player and a club. This man belongs to a very select group of legends that include AC Milan’s Paolo Maldini, AS Roma’s Francesco Totti, or FC Barcelona’s Carles Puyol. All these players never entertained the idea of playing for a different club throughout their careers.

Giggs had many offers on the table when he was in his prime, and he always rejected them. Any younger generation star should look at Ryan and try to follow his exemplary work ethic. The Premier League shouldn’t even consider other candidates for the first name on their Hall of Fame. ‘Giggsy’ truly had it all as a Premier League legend. 

Thierry Henry, the best foreigner in Premier League history. 

Barring what Sergio Aguero does by the time he retires, we still have to give Thierry Henry this distinction. The French forward came to Arsenal to revolutionize the way we look at Premier League football. This man was as explosive and elegant as they come on the pitch. Highbury was his garden. He also loved playing in front of his fans.

During the time he was at his best with the Arsenal ‘Invincibles’, Henry was truly in his element. If it hadn’t been for Ronaldinho’s extraterrestrial magic with the ball at his feet. ‘Titi’ would’ve won a Ballon d’Or without question. This was the man that even rival fans paid their ticket to watch destroy their own football clubs.

One of the most dominant competitive animals during the Premier League era. Thierry Henry should be the man standing next to Ryan Giggs as the first two inductees into the Premier League’s Hall of Fame. We urge you to watch a few skills and goals videos of both players and see what we mean.

These two were as fierce and talented as they came in English football history. Henry only won two Premier League titles. However, one of those titles is the only undefeated trophy in the tournament’s history. Plus, the man won a total of four Premier League Golden Boots. You can’t get any better than that. 

Who else deserves the first Hall of Fame honor if not Giggs and Henry? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.