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Opinion: Hirving Lozano needs a little patience at Napoli

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After a few months of playing in Italian football, we are still convinced that Hirving Lozano will succeed and he needs a little patience. 

We can never forget that Hirving Lozano is the first Mexican forward who plays in the Italian Serie A, the SSC Napoli fans are getting a little impatient with him.

Due to the spectacular manner in which he started the season, Lozano was one of the biggest hopes to compete against Juventus and the other Italian clubs.

The Mexican winger scored against the Old Lady in the first major game of the season in the competition, but his level dramatically dropped in later months.

This game the Napoli fans some tools in order to start coming after ‘Chucky’, but they fail to understand that adaptation is a lot more difficult in Italy than any other country.

Regardless of how low it’s fallen over the last decade, Serie A football has kept that unique sense of difficulty that is very striking for any connoisseur.

When you are watching the Italian Calcio, you know that scoring goals doesn’t come as easy as it might for other big competitions in Europe.

The player himself set a high standard after his first couple of seasons at PSV Eindhoven, he broke records and won championships.

It was only normal that a club such as SSC Napoli would choose to come after him during the transfer window, and Carlo Ancelotti still trusts he will be that great player we all met in the Eredivisie. 

The Napoli fans are urging for Lozano’s response. 

During one of the most recent Serie A matches at San Paolo Stadium, the SSC Napoli fans started sending some jeering towards Lozano’s way.

Several news outlets in the country are already starting to doubt his capabilities, but they lack the understanding of the full story.

There are some players who come from different countries and have a difficult time adapting to the competition, a similar situation is happening to Cristiano Ronaldo.

There is no doubt in our mind that ‘Chucky’ will become one of the best players in the world as soon as he adapts to the country.

Even legendary players such as Javier Zanetti, are convinced that Hirving will succeed in Italian football sooner rather than later.

“This moment that Lozano is going through is completely normal, every single player needs to go through an adaptation period,” said Zanetti to Fox Sports. 

“He is a player with incredible quality and I’m certain he will consolidate himself as one of the best.”

“He will end up feeling comfortable in Italian football and he will perform great without a doubt.”

“Italian football is very different than Dutch football, you have a harder time adapting but I still think he will be one of the best players in the league.” 

Lozano won’t play for Mexico yet. 

Given that he is still going through an adaptation process, Hirving Lozano will sit the upcoming international break out.

Not traveling to Mexico for the next Concacaf Nations League matches will help him improve his confidence at SSC Napoli.

Manager Gerardo Martino already knows that Lozano is one of the best players he has at his disposal, he doesn’t have anything to prove.

However, ‘Chucky’ does have a lot to prove in Italy and he obviously wants to get back to his best level of performance.

For Carlo Ancelotti, Hirving remains as one of the biggest hopes that his club has to fight for titles this season.

The fans’ impatience is there because they know about his potential, but they need to have a little more faith in his capabilities.

There aren’t too many players in the world who can do what Lozano can on the pitch.

‘Chucky’ is part of that rare species who play as wingers but can perform several positions on the pitch.

Whether it’s as a player who performs on the lane, a playmaker, or even a striker, Hirving Lozano is a unique player and Napoli is lucky to have him.

Impatience has always been a problem for fans who belong to historic clubs, they are spoiled by the previous stars who win titles with the club and SSC Napoli is no exception. 

How long will it take Hirving Lozano to find his best form at SSC Napoli? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.