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Opinion: Hugo Gatti lacks the credibility to smear Leo Messi

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Even if he is considered a legend in Argentine football, Hugo Gatti lacks the credibility to smear Lionel Messi as he just did. 

One of the main reasons why Hugo Gatti is known as ‘Loco’ (Looney), is due to outrageous statements like the one about Messi this week.

We honestly think that this former Argentine goalkeeper lacks the credibility to talk shit about one of the best players in history, and compare him to Angel Di Maria.

But Gatti’s mental problems are not isolated to only him, there is an important number of fans from Argentina who might feel the same way.

There is a misguided fervor for Maradona that got out of control long ago, fans who lost their way and still dare to say that Leo isn’t at least on the same level as Diego.

These people are the ones who are hurting Argentine football, they lack the vision to see the reality in front of their eyes.

The truth is that Messi is 10 times better than Maradona ever was, the difference is that Diego managed to win the FIFA World Cup with Argentina and Leo didn’t.

But if we count the overall career that both players had, this isn’t even a contest and Diego loses by a longshot.

But the people from Argentina are blinded by their devotion to a player who wasn’t even a good example off the pitch, all they care about is the performance he gave in a single World Cup and at SSC Napoli. 

Hugo Gatti has never been considered a player who should be taken seriously, and he has been proving this since he was a player back in the ’80s.

There was a time when he smeared Diego Maradona just like he did with Messi this week, and he was silenced dramatically when he did it.

There was a time when the goalkeeper was already a veteran in his country’s league, Maradona was already an up and coming star who played for Argentinos Juniors.

‘Loco’ dared to say that Maradona was a ‘Fattie’, and Diego didn’t forgive him for that.

Diego’s revenge came on the very next match between Argentinos and Boca (where Gatti played).

This will always remain as the day in which Maradona silenced ‘Loco’ Gatti by scoring four goals against him without breaking a sweat.

From that moment, we knew that Gatti had no credibility to talk shit about other players.

We can only wish that ‘Loco’ was still young and he faced Messi inside a football pitch, but that can never happen.

That 1980 match between both clubs ended with a 5-3 victory for Argentinos Juniors, Gatti made a fool of himself during that night.

With his statements about Messi this week, ‘Loco’ made a fool of himself once again by comparing Messi to Angel Di Maria and stating something against Messi that only reflects his passion for Real Madrid.  

No disrespect to Angel Di Maria…

We don’t mean to undermine what Angel Di Maria has done throughout his carer, but he simply cannot be compared to the likes of Leo Messi.

Hugo Gatti made a terrible mistake by making these comments which he should take back immediately, but he won’t do it because he really is crazy.

The argument he used was pointing out that Leo hasn’t been a top performer in the UEFA Champions League during recent years.

Gatti seemed to forget the other four tournaments that Leo played and won at Barcelona, he also seems to forget that Maradona never won the European Cup with SSC Napoli.

‘Loco’ has a selective memory when it comes to praising Maradona and going after Messi.

But we are no longer surprised with this utter disrespect, a lot of people from Argentina think the same way that Gatti does.

“Messi didn’t touch the ball during the last two Champions League tournaments he played, and he doesn’t touch the ball with Argentina either,” said Gatti on ‘El Chiringuito’.

“Di Maria is better than Messi. That is the reality, and it shouldn’t hurt him. I’ve never seen him perform well in the biggest matches.”

“I wish he can win the World Cup with Argentina and he can shut me up. I also hope he can shut the majority of Argentines as well. Messi doesn’t exist next to Maradona.” 

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