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Opinion: Ibrahimovic was less than Carlos Vela this season

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Despite the results from the regular season, we can tell you that Zlatan Ibrahimovic was less than Carlos Vela this year. 

From the very first moment we got to see Carlos Vela facing Zlatan Ibrahimovic, we knew that we were in for a treat in the MLS.

‘El Trafico’ derby from the city of Los Angeles currently has the two best players in the league playing against each other.

Los Angeles FC faced LA Galaxy in the tournament’s quarterfinals, we were all expecting this match with excitement.

Over the season, the Swedish striker was compared to the Mexican player and we all agreed the idea was blasphemous.

However, this Zlatan is far from the star player we met in Serie A or La Liga during his prime.

Due to the age difference between the two, it’s safe to say that Carlos Vela has better fitness than the Swedish forward.

Overall this season, both of them have been truly outstanding but Carlos delivered better numbers.

In fact, Vela scored a record 34 goals in 31 matches to surpass Josef Martinez’s recent record.

Zlatan’s numbers are not too shabby with 30 goals in 30 matches, it’s clear that these two players are amongst the best this competition has ever seen.

The fans certainly loved watching both of them play throughout the season, but LAFC had the upper hand and they were considered favorites for this Western Conference semifinal. 

In the confrontations between both clubs during the regular season, Zlatan Ibrahimovic made sure that people knew LA Galaxy was the dominant club inside the city.

Ibra scored a hat-trick in his team’s 3-2 victory in July, and he scored another two goals during the second match in August.

Carlos Vela only managed to score two goals in the first game and one in the second, it was evident that Ibrahimovic would be considered the better player out of the two just for these two results.

The problems for Zlatan came during the rest of the season, as he soon realized that LA Galaxy didn’t have a competitive-enough squad to fight for the title.

Vela was playing his own tournament, and he arrived at these Western Conference semifinals filled with confidence.

This match was a complete wild card, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was capable of anything against LAFC.

Carlos Vela was ready for the challenge and he didn’t disappoint, he learned from his mistakes of the previous two matches during the regular season and Bob Bradley’s team came out swinging.

The Mexican forward delivered on his promise and scored a brace during the first half, Zlatan responded by assisting Pavon to pull one back for Galaxy before the break. 

Carlos Vela wins the night against Zlatan.

With the 2-1 advantage, LAFC saw how Ibrahimovic leveled the score only ten minutes into the second half.

But this was Carlos Vela’s night, and he finally responded when the team needed him the most.

During the biggest night for the Mexican player’s career, Carlos delivered an assist to Diego Rossi for the third LAFC goal.

The Uruguay striker himself assisted Adama Diomande, who also got to score the decisive goal of the evening after Feltscher scored the third goal for Galaxy.

The final result was 5-3 for Carlos Vela’s side, which is more than enough for LAFC to qualify for the Western Conference final against Seattle Sounders.

This is how Zlatan Ibrahimovic gets defeated one more time throughout his career, this adds to a large number of heartbreaks he’s experienced.

Even if we all know that comparing both of these players’ careers is blasphemy, it’s safe to say that Carlos Vela was better than Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the MLS throughout the season.

There is no other way to look at this, even the Swedish player left the pitch with a long face.

Carlos Vela is more than ready to take his club all the way to the MLS Cup final, but he needs to defeat Seattle Sounders first.

For now, he will go to sleep knowing that he finally beat the Swedish legend after so many tries. 

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