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Opinion: If Leo Messi leaves Barcelona, it won’t be for free

Messi, Suarez
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We are here to tell you that if Leo Messi leaves FC Barcelona for some reason, you can be damn sure it’s not going to be for free.

Full disclosure, we don’t believe Leo Messi is going to leave FC Barcelona and 2020 and he certainly won’t do it for free.

The news that broke on Thursday evening about the player having a part of his contract stipulating that he can leave to any club of his choosing for free is true.

However, a lot of things need to happen first before he actually crosses that bridge.

All the Argentine player wanted to do was make sure he had enough leverage to keep the club competitive during his veteran years, it’s clear that he doesn’t like the current board of directors.

To those who don’t know, president Josep Maria Bartomeu has two more years before elections and Messi proved this summer that he can’t keep dealing with him.

In fact, the current chairman got his job out of luck after Sandro Rossell was convicted for the whole Neymar transfer scandal.

Over the last five years, the current Blaugrana’s president has proved many times over that he can’t be trusted with the club’s future.

But more importantly, he really has a deaf tone demeanor about the way in which he goes about dealing with the club’s stars.

During his presidency, FC Barcelona kicked both Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta out of the club without allowing them to get their deserved retirement at the institution they love.

If that wasn’t enough, Bartomeu allowed Neymar to leave in 2017 and made a complete fool of the club by trying to sign him back this summer after everything the Brazilian did against the board.

We can’t forget that while all that Neymar circus was going on, the player and Barça still had a pending lawsuit that is yet to be decided in the next few weeks.

We don’t even think that Leo Messi actually wanted Neymar back, perhaps he just wanted to expose Bartomeu’s ineptitude in front of the whole world.

After what happened this summer with the Brazilian, it is crystal clear that this president cannot continue at Barcelona.

Lionel Messi has known this all along, which is the main reason he made the decision to include that clause in his contract.

People who believe that Messi actually wants to leave the place where he has gotten everything for free, are not looking at the whole picture from a distance.

Things would have to get incredibly worse than how they are right now by May in order for Leo to make that decision.

And if he did make up his mind about leaving, he wouldn’t stab the club in the back by not leaving any money behind him regardless of the club he chooses.

We all agree that Messi can keep playing at his current level for at least another five years, right?

What will actually happen over the next year?

In the information that we reported early on Thursday, it was stated that Messi has the right to wait until the month of May before making a decision about his future.

Spanish show ‘El Chiringuito’ spoke directly with members of Messi’s family about the news, they confirmed that the player is not planning to leave and he will most likely renew his contract for one more season before that month comes.

Leo already has a rough idea of the new projects that are coming to FC Barcelona during the election year.

The Argentine already knows who he is going to support and he is keeping all the aces under his sleeve before revealing anything.

The only one who has all the losing chips in this whole situation is Josep Maria Bartomeu, who actually will tell the club’s high-ranking members why he made this ridicule with the whole Neymar saga on Friday.

Regardless of what happens with Messi, we also believe that the Argentine player deserves to leave Barcelona under his own terms and whenever he wants.

But we also have to say that Leo doesn’t strike us as the kind of player who would leave for free without leaving anything behind as a gesture of gratitude.

This is the club of his life, there is no way he is leaving through the backdoor.

What do you think will happen with Messi by the end of this season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.