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Opinion: It took Mourinho to bring out the best Man United

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It took Man United facing Jose Mourinho in order to get the best out of all the players, we saw the best Red Devils of the season. 

We were experiencing the least dangerous Man United side of the last few years. It took Jose Mourinho visiting Old Trafford to get their best performance.

Many of the players that performed against the Red Devils on Wednesday were pupils of the Portuguese manager.

It was obvious that after the turbulent manner in which he left, the majority of them wanted to prove a point.

The Man United fans greeted Jose Mourinho as one of their own, he always treated the supporters properly.

In some cases, many of the Mancunian fans are convinced that the Portuguese manager shouldn’t have left in the first place.

Their idea is still that many of the players refused to perform under his command.

This Wednesday was the ideal day for many of those players to reinforce their status inside the club.

Despite he is no longer at Manchester United, Jose Mourinho is still making an impression after leaving.

Just as it’s happened in every single club he’s coached, his shadow extends long after he’s gone.

Today, the players had a statement to make against their former manager.

It was the ideal moment to let him know what he is missing only because he refused to give in to some of their traditions. 

Marcus Rashford wanted some overdue payback. 

One of the players who suffered the most under Jose Mourinho’s reign at Man United was Marcus Rashford.

The young English forward wasn’t at the level that the gaffer demanded from him and he missed several games.

During this Wednesday’s match, the number ’10’ player had his chance to respond to his former manager.

We have to give credit where credit is due, Rashford outdid himself against Tottenham Hotspur.

It wasn’t only the winning brace he scored against. Marcus was pretty close to bagging a hat-trick if it hadn’t been for Hugo Lloris saving one of his shots that hit the crossbar during the first half.

This latest performance from Marcus is more than enough to make us believe that he is one of the most talented players in English football today.

Alongside Bobby Firmino’s incredible talent, Rashford is the man to pick when you want to see spectacular goals.

This season has been something else from Marcus after the October international break.

Something happened to him during the camp for England that made him change his performances.

With this level, it was obvious that Rashford was eager to show Mourinho who he really is. 

The Tottenham Manager accepted defeat with class. 

This was Jose Mourinho’s chance to become the first manager in Tottenham Hotspur’s history to debut with four consecutive victories.

However, the final result wasn’t what he expected but he reacted in a surprising manner after the game.

We gotta say that this Jose Mourinho is quite unfamiliar to all of us, he is nothing like the more combative manager who lost games in his former clubs.

Instead of going out to blame his players for the defeat, we got a sober Jose who spoke about the team’s loss as a collective responsibility.

“I tried to fight that state of mind, I tried to tell them exactly the way United approach these matches at home – the strong starts, running, pressing, the morale of the supporters,” said Jose after the game.

“When United face the big teams, people think it will be more difficult, as the responsibility changes, but they feel more comfortable.”

“We knew what we had to do, but after one minute of the second-half, we conceded a goal. United will be happy with the points and overall they deserve it.”

“We only have ourselves to blame,” he concluded.

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