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Opinion: It was about time Barcelona honored Ronaldinho

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Due to his most recent visit to Barcelona, we tell you why we believe it was about time Ronaldinho was honored by his former club. 

In case you were wondering about it, Ronaldinho visited Barcelona this week for a very specific reason and we’ll tell you all about it.

As reported by Diario AS earlier on Tuesday, the Brazilian legend visited Camp Nou Stadium and the board of directors for a special reason.

The Brazilian legend finally reached an agreement to play a well-deserved farewell match at Camp Nou Stadium.

This needed to happen for many years, but the Catalan club hadn’t been able to set a date or agree on anything with the player.

We don’t think we need to tell you about this man’s importance to FC Barcelona’s recent history, but we will tell you all about it anyway.

In fact, this honor was taking a little bit too long since Ronaldinho hung up his boots a few years ago.

The club hadn’t reached out to his inner circle in order to set a date, but the report from AS revealed that the plan is to play in March.

Ronaldinho’s birth date is on the 21st of that month, which is also the day in which Spring begins every single year.

The idea is to have Ronaldinho’s friends play against FC Barcelona’s Legends.

You can already guess which players will be on each side, but we can tell you that Lionel Messi will be one of the main guests in Ronaldinho’s celebration. 

Messi owes his career to Ronaldinho. 

In order to fully understand how important Ronaldinho is to FC Barcelona’s history, we have to move all the way back to 2003.

The summer was magical in many regards, but it was also the time when the Brazilian player was about to take over the world.

There was already a plan that Manchester United had to sign him, but FC Barcelona managed to convince him first and landed his contract for €24 million.

In today’s standards, this amount of money is nothing compared to the prices that many clubs pay for less talented players.

The next two years proved to us that this magician was one of the most incredible talents anybody ever saw.

He led the Catalan club back to the old days of glory in the Johan Cruyff era, but he was also a key figure in the modern Catalan club.

After two consecutive La Liga titles and the UEFA Champions League, perhaps Ronaldinho’s greatest achievement was to give Lionel Messi his first chance to score a goal as a professional.

The Argentine forward wouldn’t be what he is without that first goal, and Ronaldinho was the man responsible for this historic event.

Since then, we all know what Messi became and how grateful the Argentine is towards ‘Dinho. 

Ronaldinho’s talent is unrivaled. 

This might spark a little debate amongst the readers, but I believe that Ronaldinho is the most talented one out of all the players with the same name.

Yeah, I said it! I wholeheartedly believe that Ronaldinho Gaucho is far more skilled than Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldo Nazario.

I don’t recall watching a player perform the same skills with the ball at his feet, only he was capable of making me lose my mind and become desperate to watch him play every single week.

I was just a teenager at that time, and I probably wouldn’t be a football writer if I hadn’t seen him play in Barcelona.

The Catalan club is the place where he expressed himself to the full extent of his virtuosity, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to see another player quite like him.

I only wish that I am able to attend that friendly game in March, watching Ronaldinho play with the FC Barcelona jersey one more time would be a gift for my soul.

But more importantly, people need to start realizing how important this player was to the sport itself.

It’s very simple, the Catalan club wouldn’t be what it is today without Ronaldinho’s invaluable contribution. This is a well-deserved and overdue homage. 

What do you think about FC Barcelona’s homage to Ronaldinho Gaucho in March 2020? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.