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Opinion: It’s great watching Zlatan back to football’s elite

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While I’m watching the AC Milan vs Juventus match, it feels great watching Zlatan Ibrahimovic back to football’s elite. 

When Zlatan Ibrahimovic left football’s elite after suffering that knee injury at Manchester United, football lost a major star. Due to his advanced age, we never imagined we would watch him playing at the highest level again.

The Swedish legend fooled a lot of his fans by taking the LA Galaxy job, many believed he was going to retire in the MLS. But Zlatan’s plans were always steady, he only wanted to give the Americans a small taste of the incredible player that he is.

After two amazing seasons in the United States and several goals, Ibra finally made the move he was expecting. In his very particular style, the striker made a controversial decision as he decided to sign for AC Milan. The Rossoneri are not the club they were in the past, which is the type of challenge that Zlatan loves.

The plan was fairly simple and it didn’t take him too long to state his intentions in Italian football. The idea is to take Milan back to their old glory days, this might take him longer than expected. 

Juventus was the first major test.

Even though the Italian Serie A still has some clubs that are not at the highest level, Ibrahimovic was still going to have a few proper tests. The first one was Inter Milan in Serie A, he lost the game but he scored a goal for his squad.

The second test came today, it was the Coppa Italia semifinal’s first leg. Watching Zlatan play at an elite level is medicine to the soul, he can still sprint at the fastest speed despite his advanced age. We can still see some of the best defenders in the world struggling to mark the legendary player.

Juventus had a rough time against him on Thursday, he is always a danger to any rival inside the box. Judging on how well he’s been playing during his first few matches back in Italy. We can already see Zlatan improving in the near future. It is only a matter of time for the star to continue scoring important goals for AC Milan.

Unfortunately, Theo Hernandez left AC Milan with one less player on the pitch during the second half. This left Zlatan’s side with a major disadvantage against the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo. Ibrahimovic had a major test ahead of him for the last 20 minutes of the game. 

Zlatan almost won Round 1 against Ronaldo. 

As weird as this sounds, Zlatan Ibrahimovic managed to hold his ground against the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo in this Coppa Italia semifinal. The second leg is still pending at Juventus’ Stadium, but this draw was an important first step.

The Swedish striker proved he is still very much able to play at the highest level against one of the best players in football history. In fact, we completely believe Ibrahimovic is also one of the best footballers in history.

We only think that he hasn’t received the proper credit that he deserves due to Messi and Ronaldo’s presence. If those two didn’t exist, we would all agree that Zlatan is the best footballer of the last 20 years.

Let’s hope that on the day of his retirement, the whole football world pays homage to his greatness. Hats off to the man who keeps competing against the best at the impressive age of 38.

We can’t think of many players who can keep this level of performance near the age of 40. We know Ronaldo will have a similar career, but Zlatan is the man to admire at the moment. 

How would you describe Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s veteran years as a footballer? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.