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Opinion: It’s Messi’s chance to prove his critics wrong

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After three consecutive years with no glory, it’s Lionel Messi’s time to prove all his critics wrong in a few hours against Manchester United.

Fate has decided to give Lionel Messi another major opportunity to keep enlarging his already impressive legend and prove his critics wrong.

The last three years have been very difficult for the Argentine player in regards to keeping his legacy as the best players in the world.

Leo has seen three clubs blocking his many attempts to take FC Barcelona further in the Champions League and he is fed up with this impotence.

The first squad that managed to neutralize Messi was Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid, the Colchoneros eliminated Barcelona in the 2015-16 quarterfinals with a certain level of difficulty.

Juventus FC got to experience a similar feeling one year later after they also eliminated the Catalan club with Messi on the pitch.

The Argentine wasn’t able to appear during the whole 180 minutes for his squad and he was frustrated once again on his favorite competition.

But the most painful elimination came one year later against AS Roma, with an unexpected winner scored by Kostas Manolas at Camp Nou.

This header completely silenced Camp Nou and left Lionel Messi completely exposed.

Lionel Messi’s dramatic recent level drop

The Argentine player has been struggling to find his best form in the last few years for both his club and country.

Despite playing at the highest level against lesser clubs and still scoring insane amounts of goals per season, Messi seems far from his best level of performance.

The FC Barcelona skipper seems to gravely miss Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta’s passing abilities and he’s taken charge over their duties.

However, this new season appears to have granted him a new opportunity to shine again.

Messi has delivered good performances against clubs like Tottenham Hotspur or Real Madrid in different competitions.

The Argentine also has an impressive number of goals this season against some of the most challenging opponents.

But we are still waiting for that great Champions League performance in the quarterfinals.

The upcoming Manchester United challenge poses a massive threat for Leo Messi’s attempts to win the fifth Champions League trophy of his career.

Getting past the Red Devils will be a very difficult task but Leo Messi is prepared for anything this season, we are expecting him at his best.

Messi’s particular contest with Ronaldo

We can’t forget that this season could finally give us a definitive answer about who deserves to be recognized as the best ever between Leo and CR7.

The Argentine has been constantly placed above the Portuguese player but the Juventus star has won more important collective trophies in the last three years.

Messi has also seen Ronaldo get way ahead of him in the Champions League as the all-time top scorer and with one more collective title than the Argentine.

But perhaps the most compelling proof that Ronaldo has surpassed Messi so far in his career is the fact that the Juventus player already won something with Portugal.

Lionel Messi seems far from actually lifting a trophy with Argentina and this is one of the biggest reasons he is has been surpassed by his biggest rival.

The fans at Barcelona can say whatever they want about the best ever, but Ronaldo has proven that he is better only through the stats.

WhoScored confirms that Cristiano has more goals, more trophies, and more overall accolades than Lionel Messi does at the moment.

But this season could be a perfect opportunity for the Barcelona star to catch up on Ronaldo a little bit.


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