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Opinion: It’s official, Barcelona recovered the best Messi

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It took him a while, but Leo Messi’s best version finally arrived at FC Barcelona. His performance against Valladolid proves it. 

Leo Messi didn’t start the current season on the best note at Barcelona, we can finally say that the Catalan club recovered his best version.

In today’s La Liga match against Real Valladolid, the Argentine delivered the best performance of the season so far and he did it without breaking a sweat.

When the year started, Leo suffered a calf injury that prevented him from starting the season properly.

However, the most important reason the captain wasn’t able to give us his all was the way in which he finished last season.

We don’t believe he doesn’t deserve it, but Messi took a long vacation without worrying about the return to Barcelona right after he played the Copa America with Argentina.

We believe that this can’t happen anymore due to his age, Messi is no longer the same young player who could get past five rivals without a problem.

Back when he was in his early ’20s, Leo didn’t take too long to get back into rhythm and lay waste throughout every stadium in Spanish football.

But everything is different now, this season should serve Leo Messi as a wakeup call for what he needs to do during his veteran years.

There is a very specific program that he needs to follow if he wants to remain at the very top of his level, he can’t take his vacation that seriously before retiring. 

Instead of going away without worrying about his physical conditioning during the holiday, Lionel Messi requires a program that can give him a daily session at the gym.

If he wants to win as many trophies as he’s been claiming over the last few months, the plan needs to be more prepared than before.

We’ve said this in the past, but Messi needs to take a page from the Cristiano Ronaldo book of how to live during his veteran years.

The Portuguese player knows that he is one of the best in history, and he wants us to enjoy his football for as long as we can.

We honestly don’t think Messi will finish his career when he is 40, but he can at least take his preparation more seriously after every summer.

The result of not taking his pre-season in due time was a number of injuries and several matches without playing.

We are happy to tell you all that Leo is finally back to that ‘God’ mode we knew from him last season, but he didn’t achieve it until late October.

Although he did return in due time, he needs to think about the years in which he will travel to play with Argentina for World Cup Qualifiers and other commitments.

We hope that Leo can see what he did wrong this season in order for him to fix those mistakes, it’s not too much to ask. 


Messi’s performance vs Valladolid in numbers.

Out of the five goals that FC Barcelona scored against Valladolid this evening, Messi was directly involved in four of them.

Leo delivered an unreal assist to Arturo Vidal during the first half, and he scored a beautiful free-kick on his second attempt of the evening.

When the second half started, Messi still had a few tricks up his sleeve and scored the third goal with a beautiful turn and volley.

If that wasn’t enough, he set Luis Suarez up for the fifth of the evening with a gorgeous pass between the lines that only the Uruguay international could read.

We got vintage Messi as a result of his preparation this evening, and we have a feeling that we will get a lot more from him this season.

But if you ask us for a moment of this match that we would love to keep, we say that the two nutmegs he performed during the first half were the ones that took our breath away.

Camp Nou Stadium was at Messi’s feet once again, he took a while to get back to his level but he is finally there.

FC Barcelona can relax and know that they won’t struggle that much to win games this season, they have their captain at his best once again.

All we hope is that he doesn’t get injured again during the second half of the season, and that he doesn’t take too much time off during the holidays. 

What did you think about Leo Messi’s performance against Real Valladolid this evening? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.