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Opinion: It’s PSG turn to play Ronaldo alongside Messi

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Now that Leo Messi landed as PSG’s most recent transfer, it’s time for the French giants to fulfill the dream of joining him and Ronaldo. 

Lionel Messi just became a PSG player and he completely paralyzed the city of Paris upon his arrival. This state-controlled club is capable of doing things nobody ever imagined could happen in our lifetime. They managed to sign two of the most expensive players on the planet and honed Kylian Mbappe to become the biggest prospect. Now that we know Leo is playing at Parc des Princes, it’s time for PSG to fulfill one more wish. In order to do this, they will have to sell Kylian Mbappe and a few more players first.

Currently, the French giants need to sell at least the young star in order to make this happen. Real Madrid has been waiting for this moment in order to complete their plan. Months ago, we already envisioned what could happen if Messi arrived at PSG. This is the perfect opportunity for the biggest transfer story to take place in modern football history. Messi was only the first of three steps that we are eager to see PSG take before the end of the current transfer window. 

Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi together. 

If Real Madrid makes an offer, they would have to at least pay €200 million in order to convince PSG to sell the young star. As long as this happens, we will always have a chance to see what nobody ever imagined would happen. That’s right, Cristiano Ronaldo is the main target in Paris if Kylian Mbappe leaves this summer. He wouldn’t be wildly expensive due to this age, but they would have to pay him at least €30 million per season in order to convince him.

Just imagine the publicity this could bring to PSG and the power they would get after this. But selling Kylian Mbappe won’t be enough in order to bring Ronaldo. They would also have to sell at least another three players because keeping that front three would be very expensive. We suggest Mauro Icardi, Julian Draxler, and Ander Herrera leave the club alongside Kylian. Only then can we dream of having history’s two best players on the same squad.