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Opinion: It’s time for Eden Hazard to get a reality check

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Now that Real Madrid’s defense is working, it’s about time Eden Hazard made his triumphant appearance in the Champions League.

The UEFA Champions League is back this week with several interesting games, Eden Hazard also returns with Real Madrid on Tuesday.

The Belgian forward hasn’t lived up to the expectations that were formed around him, he needs to wake up and finally prove why Los Blancos paid so much money for him.

One positive aspect of this whole situation is the fact that Hazard spoke about it on Monday, he agrees that he needs to improve.

Although he has been very active in the defense, Zinedine Zidane demands way more from him apart from that.

In order to be a Real Madrid player, the gaffer keeps telling all his footballers that they need to have that defensive aspect of things completely nailed down.

Now that this aspect of his adaptation process is out of the way, Hazard knows that he needs to start working on bringing back his offensive qualities.

It was only this Monday when both the player and the manager spoke to the press ahead of the Champions League match against Club Brugge.

Real Madrid decided to get Eden out there in order to answer some questions about his start of the season.

The player revealed how much he’s struggled to find the best version of himself due to different situations he’s had to deal with.

Ahead of this match between Real Madrid and Club Brugge, Zinedine Zidane made the controversial decision of leaving both Gareth Bale and James Rodriguez out of the squad.

Initially, this may seem like a choice against these two players but this also affects Eden Hazard directly.

Before making his list public, Zidane spoke to the press about the problems that Eden Hazard is going through.

The manager compared his time at Juventus with Hazard’s initial months with Los Blancos, stating that he also struggled to succeed with the Italian club.

“Hazard’s problem has nothing to do with his physique, everybody should calm down with that,” said Zidane on Real Madrid’s official website.

I am not going to give him any advice, I won’t tell him how he has to play or adapt. We all know he is a very important player and we obviously want more from him.”

“But we all need to relax a little more. I am not worried at all. He will succeed here because he is a fantastic player. that is not going to change.”

“If we get to watch him play tomorrow, we’ll enjoy him. I kind of went through a similar situation and I was very calm when it happened.”

“I knew that things would function with time. But I had a more difficult time when I arrived in Italy. It took me three months to find my balance.”

“I know Hazard will be very important for us. He will move forward, I have no doubts,” he concluded.

Fact-checking Zinedine Zidane.

After the French manager compared his initial three months at Juventus with Hazard’s time at Real Madrid, we felt the need to go back and fact-check the French manager.

When he arrived to Juventus from Girondins Bordeaux, Zinedine Zidane had a relatively better performance than Eden Hazard.

‘Zizou’ can’t really compare himself with the Belgian star because he came to Serie A directly from the French Ligue 1.

Back in the ’90s, the Italian championship was arguably the most competitive football in the world.

The French tournament was still what it is today, not that influential to the football world.

Hazard has no excuse because he is coming from the English Premier League, which is amongst the most competitive in the world right now.

Zidane played 10 out of 13 matches for Juventus during his first three months, and he delivered solid performances despite only providing a single assist.

Manager Marcelo Lippi decided to use him as a central midfielder at the beginning, which was not his ideal position.

Eden has played his ideal role as a left-winger from the very start.

Bottom line is, we get that Zidane is trying to take the pressure off Eden Hazard but the star needs to wake up ASAP.

How long will it take Eden Hazard to score a goal or provide an assist? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.