Opinion: It’s time for Ernesto Valverde to quit Barcelona

After yet another terrible defeat in the Champions League, it’s about time for the FC Barcelona board to sack coach Ernesto Valverde.

The 2018-19 season was the last opportunity that manager Ernesto Valverde had to confirm he was the ideal manager for FC Barcelona.

The reality for the Catalan club throughout the season was that playing the possession-based style was no longer a possibility.

Valverde exclusively relied on what Lionel Messi could do throughout the season and things seemed to work until this second semifinal leg, winning at Anfield was Ernesto Valverde’s ultimate test.

The reality is that Liverpool played overall better football than Barcelona throughout the 180 minutes of this series, they were the better squad in all the stats.

The Catalan club currently lacks an identity and not having one is the reason they keep getting eliminated in the Champions League.

The Txingurri manager’s resume looks pretty with those La Liga trophies won but coaching Barcelona requires a greater level of commitment.

The Catalan club’s board of directors can’t trust a coach who doesn’t know how to proceed when the difficult moments come knocking on the door.

Ernesto Valverde either needs to resign or he needs to get sacked, this elimination was his last chance and he completely blew it.

Barcelona’s actual level of performance.

It’s not that FC Barcelona doesn’t have the players to compete for the Champions League, they actually have one of the most complete rosters in European football today.

The problem lies almost exclusively on the manager, Pep Guardiola or Luis Enrique’s case were isolated incidents.

These two managers were smart enough to create a system within the squad that actually worked for the players they had at the time.

To this day, nobody can pinpoint what Ernesto Valverde’s actual tactics are.

Playing with the hope of what Leo Messi can do is not a style of play, doing that is in no way representative of a club that has the tradition it preaches.

The Catalan club urgently needs to make changes in management, the options are quite clear and even obvious once we stop to analyze them.

The problem here is that the Barcelona board might not decide to drop their manager at this point of the season, keeping him would be a terrible mistake.

Catala says Valverde has had a difficult time with Barcelona

Dynamo Kyiv's youth academy coach, Ramon Catala, says he spoke to Ernesto Valverde and he explained how he had a very difficult time with the Blaugrana.

Valverde is not qualified to create a system that faithfully represents FC Barcelona’s history.

The manager doesn’t have what it takes to put together the players who will come to aid the club next season, this statement is harsh but it’s true.

Barcelona’s options to replace Valverde.

If Barcelona ultimately makes the decision to fire Ernesto Valverde by next summer, the options that the club has are only two.

There are a couple of managers out there who can help Barcelona return to the old style of play that took them all the way to the top.

There are two names who are qualified to help Lionel Messi end his career at the Catalan club with at least one more Champions League before he retires.

The first and more obvious choice for the Catalan club is Xavi Hernandez, the former Barcelona player who just announced his retirement from professional football.

The only aspect playing against Xavi’s possible arrival to Barcelona is his lack of experience, bringing him without any proven record as a manager is a huge gamble for the club.

The second and perhaps more appealing option is Dutch manager Erik ten Hag, the Ajax boss who is a confessed Pep Guardiola pupil and has proven himself this season with Johan Cruyff’s childhood club.

The style of play that this Ajax squad has performed throughout the season is the philosophy that Barcelona has been looking for since Guardiola left.

Whatever the Catalan club decides this summer, it is clear that this result at Anfield should get Ernesto Valverde sacked before the end of the summer.

Keeping the Txingurri manager on board would be a terrible mistake.

Who would you bring to Barcelona instead of Ernesto Valverde if he gets sacked? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.



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