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Opinion: It’s time to accept Ter Stegen in Germany’s No.1

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After many years playing at the highest level, it’s about time for the world to accept Ter Stegen as Germany’s No. 1 goalie.

We decided to take a stance on Marc-Andre ter Stegen’s status as one of the best goalkeepers in the world, he is Germany’s best right now.

To those who have no idea why we are talking about this specific topic right now, we remind you of Manuel Neuer’s response to Ter Stegen’s lack of relevance in his national team.

Only when the Bayern Munich goalie was injured, Marc had a chance to play for the German National Team.

As soon as he returned from that problem, manager Joachim Low didn’t hesitate to put Neuer back in the starting position.

This didn’t sit well with Neuer as he stated that he was unhappy with this decision from the German manager.

Manuel tried to react in a positive manner to this statement from the Barcelona goalkeeper, but Ter Stegen was having none of it with good reason.

Over the last five years, Marc has done a lot more to be considered the best German goalkeeper there is.

However, status seems to play an important role in the squad as Neuer seems like he has his position secured.

Despite Marc having wild success at FC Barcelona, it is almost as if he didn’t exist as a goalkeeper for Germany.

We completely understand why Ter Stegen reacted in this fashion, he even responded to Neuer with another snappy comment.

As both goalkeepers are in the middle of a war in front of the microphone, the Barcelona star was the absolute hero during the Catalan club’s visit to Borussia Dortmund.

If it wasn’t for Ter Stegen’s heroics, the Blaugrana would’ve certainly lost the first match of this Champions League season.

This latest great performance opened more room for a debate that is starting to get a little too heated.

By the time both players go to the national team after getting a call-up, the atmosphere will be truly strange for the two.

Manager Joachim Low needs to set up a strategy that can help both players get over this exchange, which can only be harmful to the team’s climate.

This comes during a complicated time for Germany, as they recently got eliminated from the previous World Cup for the first time in their long history.

In reality, Marc-Andre ter Stegen was supposed to take Manuel Neuer turn as the younger goalie but the Bayern star refuses to leave his position.

After he tried to tell Marc that he should look after the group rather than his own self-interest, Ter Stegen responded with a feisty remark.

“I don’t think it is up to Manuel to express an opinion on my feelings. Everyone has seen how I have conducted myself over the last few years,” said Marc to the press on Tuesday.

Uli Hoeness takes Neuer’s side.

As the situation keeps escalating, people from both sides of the coin attempted to give their two cents on the matter.

The most controversial of them all was Ilu Hoeness, who is a bonified German football legend.

The man defended Manuel Neuer and dismissed Ter Stegen’s most recent remarks, the way he did it was by undermining his lack of World Cup titles.

“He speaks as if he won 17 World Cup titles already. He has no right to demand anything for himself,” said Uli on Wednesday.

“Neuer is the number one, there is not even a debate about that. We don’t like it when someone tries to damage our players’ reputation. Manuel will always be the best.”

We beg to differ on that last part mentioned by Hoeness, Manuel Neuer was the best goalkeeper in the world a few years ago.

However, Marc-Andre ter Stegen’s work at FC Barcelona has given him enough credit to dispute this claim.

As of right now, the Blaugranas’ goalie is the best out of the two and there is nothing Bayern Munich can do about it.

We know that this situation will escalate to a place that is currently unknown to us, but we might as well pick a side this early in the fight just in case anything new happens.

We are convinced that Ter Stegen should be the goalie for Germany from this moment forward, he is simply the better goalkeeper right now.

Who is the better goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer or Marc-Andre ter Stegen? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.